Wednesday, January 2, 2019
bookish / it's the new year, so that means time for goal-setting, in both my personal life and blogging one
Hello my friends! IT’S 2019!!! (And I’ll probably keep calling it 2018 for another month and a half or so because the realization hasn’t quite settled in my brain.)

I know I just said the other day that I don’t post on Wednesdays. They’re kind of like my ‘day off’ from all things blogging. But, well, I meant to get this out yesterday, and that didn’t happen because, well, there was a birthday party, the Rose Bowl game, much sleeping, and mounds of laundry. (Have you heard of the superstition about doing laundry on the new year??? That it’ll cause someone to get washed away/die, it’ll wash away a year worth of luck, and that it’ll cause you to do more laundry than ever that year??? Yeah, I was told about this after the fact. Oops. 😵)

So, hi, hello, here we are on a Wednesday. 👋🏻

Goals for 2019

It’s time for some obligatory mentioning of goals for the new year. I’m usually terrible with sticking to them, but who knows? This year could be great.

Blogging + Book Goals

  • Utilize Twitter more. I realize it is a great foundation for talking books and meeting new book bloggers, and I need to use it! Follow me @ashadeofrosie if you haven’t yet!
  • Build my rep on NetGalley. Once upon a time I was on NetGalley and completely bogged myself down with ARCs… so, note to self: don’t do that again.
  • Reviews books ASAP. I have a problem with letting my thoughts linger on a book, but for way longer than I should and I don’t write my thoughts down, and then everything is just a blurred mess.
  • Visit more blogs and comment! This is difficult sometimes, because not only do I have very little time to actually read and blog, I’ve also got to get myself out there in the blogging community which takes time and effort as well. I want to get a good following, though, because the interaction part of having a blog is the bee’s knees!
  • Post organization. I got a reading planner in the December OwlCrate box, and its perfect for planning posts ahead of time, and also writing some thoughts down about books I’ve read!
  • Read 45 books (or more). I had thought about doing 52 books for the 52 weeks in a year, but I took in down a smidge. That way if I start to fall behind, I’ve got a few weeks before I’m in the red.

Personal Goals

  • Weight loss. I’ve been down a difficult path for the past 10 or so years when it comes to my weight, so this is the year where that all changes. I will eat better. I will train better. I will be better.
  • Organize & decluttter. My life sometimes feels like organized chaos, especially in my home. I want – need – to purge everything in my house that I don’t use! I need to organize what needs to be organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter.
  • House decor. While I want to get rid of clutter, I also want to work on the decor part of my house, without it looking too messy.
  • Save money. This year, I’m setting aside a small portion of each paycheck and storing it for later use (probably $20-$50).
  • Cook more at home, eat out less. Pretty self-explanatory. I got an instant pot for Christmas, so that should be helpful!

The Backlist Project

So, this is reminiscent to the Backlist Challenge I’ve attempted one or 12 times since I’ve been blogging, but in this case, it’s ongoing until I am under 100 books. (I may make it smaller as I’ve been slowly deleting books off of my Goodreads TBR that, a) no longer interest me, or b) have a Goodreads rating of 3.5 or lower. (Some exceptions may apply to that last one.)

I’m going to be keeping tabs of all of my books read via the project here. (Heads up: it doesn’t look like much right now.)

But for the project, I compiled hundreds of strips of paper with books titles on them and put together a TBR jar. (Okay, it’s really a can… an old formula can. 🤷🏻‍♀️) Here’s the plan: At the beginning of each month, I’ll draw a title out of the can and give myself the whole month to read that book, along with the other books I have planned for that month.

January’s book

17409117Far Far Away by Tom McNeal
Published on June 11th, 2013 by Knopf Books for Young Readers
384 pages
Goodreads rating: 3.87
How will I read it? Borrow eBook from the library

It says quite a lot about Jeremy Johnson Johnson that the strangest thing about him isn’t even the fact his mother and father both had the same last name. Jeremy once admitted he’s able to hear voices, and the townspeople of Never Better have treated him like an outsider since.

After his mother left, his father became a recluse, and it’s been up to Jeremy to support the family. But it hasn’t been up to Jeremy alone. The truth is, Jeremy can hear voices. Or, specifically, one voice: the voice of the ghost of Jacob Grimm, one half of the infamous writing duo, The Brothers Grimm. Jacob watches over Jeremy, protecting him from an unknown dark evil whispered about in the space between this world and the next.

But when the provocative local girl Ginger Boultinghouse takes an interest in Jeremy (and his unique abilities), a grim chain of events is put into motion. And as anyone familiar with the Grimm Brothers know, not all fairy tales have happy endings…

Add to Goodreads

What goals have you set for yourself this year? How many books do you have on your TBR, and do you think a backlist challenge will help you achieve your reading goals? What do you think of the book I picked for January?

2 Responses to Happy New Year!!! + Goals & The Backlist Project

  1. Rachel says:

    I love your back-list jar idea! Something I found very helpful when I first started blogging was reading an owned fiction book, an owned nonfiction book, a borrowed fiction book, and then a borrowed nonfiction book. It a) forced me to read titles I already owned and b) allowed me to “sit” with a book before I wrote my review but still start a new book right away. This doesn’t happen all that much anymore because I get more ARCs and read rather infrequently, but, you know… life I guess. LOL.

    • Thank you! Someone else in the blogosphere created one and I’ve loved the idea for a long time, but never had the time or will to write down all the titles I want to read and then fold them up into little pieces. Everything in the jar is a mix of books I don’t have and books I do have sitting on my shelves! I hope this really helps as far as cutting down my TBR lol, we will see! x

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