Monthly Archives: January 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Wow, January has come and gone guys. One month down, eleven to go until 2020. How does THAT make you feel??? How ironic is it that the SAME AMOUNT of books were added this month (eighteen!!!!) just like in last month's episode of "How Many Books Can Rosie Put on Her Virtual TBR Shelf!" At this rate, I'll 
Sunday, January 27, 2019
So, apparently all I do on this blog anymore is blog digests... I require more hours in a day, dear universe... So if you could make that happen, that'd be swell... This week was drastically better, and my mental state is better after it was shaken a bit last week. I managed to get my insurance in check, after 
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Was this the longest week in existence, or is it just me?? It was technically my first full work week of the new year, since I took last Friday off, so that's probably why my week drrrraaaaggggeeeedddd. By Wednesday I was desperate for the weekend. I had a lot on my plate this week, though. Rowan has been 
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