Monday, January 27, 2020
bloggish / goals and challenges, both bookish and bloggish, for the 2020 year!
I touched on this just a smidge on my favorite books of 2019 post this past weekend, but I thought on it a bit more, and I wanted to make an official bookish goals and challenges post! I’m never really good at completing challenges or, for that matter, sticking to my goals. I’m just a free and wild spirit! 

But I’m trying to tame myself this year, and conquer these goals that I set for myself! Too long I have lived in my head of failure and giving up. This is the year that I need to make things happen, on and off of the blog! But today we’re focusing  on all things reading and blogging.

bookish goals

Goodreads 2020 Challenge

Let’s start with the most basic challenge, and one that I participate in (and fail) every year. As you can see, I’ve already gotten started, aaaand I’m behind. 🙃

NetGalley Ratio

I’ve utilized NetGalley a lot in the past, and got way in over my head with eARCs. I only have 2 in the queue now, and plan to get my ratio above 80%! It currently sits at 63%.

Tackle My TBR Challenge (hosted here)

Because I have way too many books on my TBR to NOT do this challenge. I’d like to read mostly from my shelves, but I’ve got books sitting on my Kindle as well that need to be read. I’m going to make my boyfriend proud of me this year! (He’s sick of me filling my shelves and not reading them! 😅)

#StartOnYourShelfathon (hosted here)

I also decided I’m going to take part in the #StartonYourShelfathon because a friend mentioned it, and as I got to reading about it, I got super excited to take on this new challenge! (I want to create my own constellations!) I’ll be making my official post about it at the end of this week!

I’ll keep you guys updated on my monthly recaps on how each of these challenges are going!

Blogging goals

Utilizing Twitter and comment threads

I mentioned briefly that I’d like to spend upwards of two hours per week visiting other blogs and commenting to build up exposure to my own blog, and to just get my feelers out there! I haven’t made that many friendships since coming back into blogging October 2018, and sometimes I feel like ‘why bother?’ when it comes to blogging if I’ve not made any real connections. But it’s my own dang fault because I haven’t put myself out there! So this is my major goal for 2020! Be prepared for me to butt into Twitter convos and basically be a pain in the ass. 🤪

Review a Book 1x per week (or basically, keep up with my reviews)

I. Am. So. Bad. At. This. 😬 I feel like my reviews have to be lavish with detail and super elaborate, but I wait to long to review them, and all the information I have about said book vanishes from my head. And then I procrastinate even more. It’s rough. If anyone has any tips, because I try to keep thoughts organized, but I’m really super bad at it. Kthanks! 💖

Consistent Blogging

Though this can somewhat stem from reviewing books, I also want to create more content, like discussion posts, rather than keep posting personal posts like my blog digests. I also want to regularly post my ‘Dear Rowan’ posts, along with some other parenting posts sprinkled around in the year. The thing about visiting other blogs and connecting is that it helps stir my brain around a little and inspiration is bountiful. 

So there you have my goals and challenges for 2020! I’ll probably do a mid-year check-up to see where I stand.
What bookish and/or blogging goals do you have for the new year?

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