Friday, February 22, 2019

Dang, guys. It’s been a while since I last did a 5 Things Friday! But let’s grab a drink, sit and chat, because I want to talk about five things that are happening in my life, or things that I’ve watched, thoughts I’m having, etc.

It’s Friday evening (YESSS) and I’m so ready for the weekend. I’ve had my dinner (yum, the boyfriend made delicious steak and I had some potatoes, snap peas and peppers with it), I’ve got my cup of tea, and I’m in my comfy Star Wars jammies… with kid’s toons in the background (thanks, momhood). ?

1Tomorrow’s the day that I finally fill out my taxes!!! At least, that’s the game plan. My mom is coming over to help me make sense of them (now that I’ve got a itty bitty dependent), and depending on how much I’m supposed to get, I want to go get my new phone sometime tomorrow, too. I have my eyes set on the iPhone XR. A friend from work has it, and let me play around with it, and I’m very much captivated by it. I used to have an iPhone before I switched to Android, but the phone I have now doesn’t sync with my Fitbit, which is very sad since I got the Versa for my first Mother’s Day this year. Also, those Apple watches?! Pretty cool. Thinking about investing in one of those as well (and maybe even for Isaac for his birthday or Father’s Day ?).

Eating hotdogs and coneys! Yum!

2I finally have Rowan’s paperwork to fill out so he can come to my school! (I’m seriously thrilled about filling out paperwork!) As of today, we have 45 days until his first day of preschool. Ugh. Why do babies have to grow up? It’s such a bittersweet feeling I have when I watch him learn and do more and more new things every day, but I miss having the small, little bundle in my arms. Now he’s EVERYWHERE, and is even trying to take a couple steps here and there. He’s still nervous about letting go of anything and walking all by himself, but he’s going to get the hang of it way too soon. (I’m not ready!!!)

3This week, I binge-watched the entire season of You. I never did get around to reading the book, but some of my friends had been talking about it, and it was all over my Twitter feed for a while when it first aired. So, putting my Game of Thrones re-watch on the back-burner, I started watching it. And it was so creepy but I WAS HOOKED. I watched it all in 4 days, which is impressive for me… since I work full time and have a kid, and all. Have you seen it? There’s going to be a second season, right???

4I used to have a Wattpad account, but… I made a new one that shares the same name as the rest of my social media and blog: adarkershadeofrosie. My mind is overflowing with story ideas, but I’m having so much trouble starting… that, and the limited amount of time I have in a day. Between a full work day, trying to eat right and exercise, then coming home to a nine-month-old and house chores, finding time (and inspiration, and a quiet place) to write is very hard. I also don’t want to give up writing on the blog, because I LOVE it! Hopefully creating a new Wattpad is a step in the right direction for me for making time to write – even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes a day – and getting my novel out there. ✍️

My new blogging & writing set-up!

5This week, I also rearranged my living room a bit. I brought my desk (which also serves as an art table) from the bedroom to the living room, and put all of my blogging tools and writing tools on a shelf next to it. Plus, some books, because it wouldn’t be complete without some books! Adding a nice vase and flowers was a really nice touch, and I’m just really excited to have a space out in the living room so I can type and watch Rowan at the same time. In the bedroom, my desk was just holding a bunch of junk (old clothes, writing stuff in a big useless pile, some unorganized novels, and our fan that we keep on throughout the night), so this is a big and beautiful change! It is so much better than keeping my computer on the kitchen bar and taking up cooking space, that’s for sure. We may have moved in a little over two years ago, but I’m finally getting the house to look the way I want. I really struggle with feng shui and decorating.

What 5 things can you share with me? What are you reading, or watching, or doing this weekend? Have you seen You on Netflix yet? How about Wattpad – are you on it?! Let’s chat! ??

Feeling: ?
Currently: Time to cuddle up in a blanket with my cup of tea and watch my cute little boy play before he gets tired and goes off to bed! Then I think I’m due to watch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones!
  A Different Blue – Amy Harmon & listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on audio
Drinking: green tea ?


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