Thursday, November 8, 2018
IRL / five things friday, where i talk motherhood, daredevil, and my love of fall weather
Who doesn’t love a Friday? Well it’s the perfect Friday to get personal up in here on my blog! Blogging is a very personal thing, and it’s no fun if I can’t incorporate daily tidbits and open them up for conversation with people near and far. Amirite? So do you want to get comfortable and hear some rambly ramblings?

Pull up a chair (unless you are already sitting down?) with your favorite warm beverage for a chilly autumn day, and listen to my rantings, cool finds, deep thoughts, etc.

1 First things first, the number one thing on my mind this week is HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A MOM AND WORK FULL TIME. Why is it so impossible? Why do we only have 24 hours in a day? How does a family of three go through a week’s worth of dishes in just a couple of days, and why do I feel like I spend almost all of my non-working hours doing nothing but chores and clean-up? That may be a slight exaggeration, but it may have something to do with me cleaning up after and feeding and taking care of eight screaming, feisty, and temperamental infants with my co-teacher on a day-to-day basis. Being a daycare teacher and bending to each child’s own schedule (times eight) in eight hours per day is exhausting! So very rewarding, but so very tiring when I come home to one of my own. And you may think, “Gee, coming home to one isn’t that bad,” (or maybe you’re not thinking that, I can’t quite tell over here), but it’s mentally debilitating and, no, I’m not handling the stress of being apart from my baby very well. 😓 *sigh* I know it will get better, but being away from Rowan at this vital time in his life when he’s learning and doing so much is just making me very sad. Just five more months until he can come to work with me.

2 Sorry to get all emotional on you there, but the second thing on my mind this week is Daredevil! My boyfriend and I are nearing the end of season 3, and it’s getting super intense. At the end of each episode, we sigh, curse a little, look at each other and silently agree we need to watch another episode until I have to say “No more!” because bed is calling my name! But I seriously hate how Fisk has his grip on everything and everyone! It irritates me, and I really wanna see him (and Bullseye/Poindexter!) go down. We also got quite a shock when we found out who Matt’s mother is??? Overall, a wonderful season so far; probably better than season 2, even though I miss the Elektra storyline. But the mob boss is a more believable conflict than ninjas who live forever, I think. 

3 The fall weather here is perfection. I would really like to get some autumn pictures taken of Isaac, me, and Rowan with all the pretty leaves here soon. I’m starting to bundle up with scarves and gloves and boots and it’s getting me in the mood for all things pumpkin spice and slathered in joy! My co-worker and I actually just belted out a Christmas tune yesterday, already in the mood for holiday music!

Yummy (messy) blackberries! Good thing it was bath night.

4 Our son takes puréed food off of a spoon like a pro, but this week we’ve introduced actual solid foods onto his highchair tray. The other day, we gave him a couple of blackberries (that was a fun mess to clean up), and yesterday, we gave him some Mum crackers and a couple of slices of grapes — he didn’t care for those much, but he noshed on those crackers! It’s so hard to believe he’s growing up this fast right before our eyes! Earlier this week, he went to his six-month check-up and he’s now weighing 19 lbs and measuring 27¾” long! That’s a big boy! 

5 I’m nearing the end of finishing my first audiobook in a very long time! As of right now, I have 1 hour and 16 minutes left of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, right where they’re about to face Fluffy to get to the Stone. The narrator’s voice is pretty good, and he actually has a very good voice for each character (especially Hagrid). I plan on listening to the rest of the series, one after the other, and maybe even watch each movie after I listen to the book. I’m itching to watch the first movie right now.

Go on and tell me your five thoughts for this Friday! I’d love to have a conversation with you! 🙃

4 Responses to Five Things Friday

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m pretty intimidated by the task of being a full time working mom. I get just a few more weeks of matetnity leave before I have to leave my 12 week-old with…a stranger. It’s pretty terrifying.

    Who is the narrator for the Harry Potter books you’re listening to? I listened to the Jim Dale version and loved it!

    • Yes, Jim Dale is the narrator! I have an issue with with audiobook narrators sometimes and that’s why I usually shy away from them, but his is pretty good since he is British and he’s pretty spot-on for the voices. The only one that bugs me is his Hermione voice!

      I feel for you, momma. It’s pretty amazing that you got 12 weeks though! I had to go back part-time at 6 weeks, and then started full-time again when he turned 4 months old. But since he is gaining such a personality and learning so many new things, it’s hard. I’m wishing you luck with your new babysitter/daycare, I hope they are amazing and treat your baby well!

  2. Lydia says:

    Being a working mother sounds like such a hard job! I am afraid I have no advice (I am only mother to a Labrador, haha) but I hope that in your hectic schedule you’re able to find time for yourself.

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