Friday, May 29, 2020
It’s really sad that it had to come to this, but I don’t see any other option that would better benefit me right now. But before we get started, NO, I’M NOT QUITTING BLOGGING. I’m only minimizing my blog’s place in my life for the time being.

Extra Free Time?

I had a lot of expectations with quarantine. Everything may have been different if I wasn’t also harboring a toddler in my house 🤣 but the truth of the matter is this: I didn’t have enough time for all of the things I wanted to with the massive amount of free time that jumped out and ambushed me. Being a mom took up most of the time, as expected. And I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun… but it’s definitely had its ups and downs. It’s been a blessing in disguise to spend so much time with him now that he’s really coming into his personality, and I’ve loved having a hand in shaping that little mind for the past 9 weeks… but I’ve also learned something about myself: I’m not meant to be a stay-at-home-mom!

Time to Prioritize

With my 30th birthday passing and my job resuming this coming Monday, I’ve been doing some hardcore thinking. During this quarantine, reading and blogging have taken a backseat in my life, unfortunately. While I don’t want my reading time to suffer, it’s hard when I have to keep a blog running, be a mom, be a girlfriend, a cook, a housemaid, and also do other things I want/need: exercise and get down to my goal weight (which is 30 pounds away), improve my digital art technique, watch my favorite tv shows, SLEEP. 😭

Besides the obvious things that need to be first in my life, I need to start prioritizing. It’s obvious that the blog hasn’t held the highest rank these past few weeks, so it’s time to place it at the bottom of my list.

where does the blog stand?

From this point forward until further notice, I will only be posting book reviews. I’m still contemplating if I want to post the occasional update on my “book challenge” journey, or monthly recaps (probably). I don’t want to completely wipe myself from the book community because I love it here, and I’m prepared (although saddened) to lose a lot of followers and/or interaction because of this decision… but I will still try to be active in the community with this little bit of extra time I will have!

I don’t know when I’ll go back to how things have been. I was thinking of just taking this time away for the summer, but who actually knows. I’ve a fickle mind, if I’m being completely honest with you. 😅

I hope to still see you around. Lots of love.

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