Monday, October 22, 2018
BLOGGISH / a brand new beginning...for the 30th time! (only a slight exaggeration)
Another adventure on the interwebs! How many blogs does this make for me? *mentally counts* Yikes… okay, well, that’s… embarrassing. I think I’d rather just not tell you. You can make your own educated guess, mmmkay?

Either way, I’m pretty sure I have a valid reason for letting my last blog, Rosie Writes Things, slip… I HAD A BABY! Yes, an adorable, plump, beautiful, bouncing baby boy, whom we fondly named Rowan. (Yes, Throne of Glass fans, you know where I got that name from.) As some of you may personally know, or you can at least empathize, being a mom — or a parent in general — can be devastatingly detrimental to all your free time! I’ve worked in the daycare/preschool field for two years now, so I had an idea what it would be like to bring an infant into this world. I’ve gotten so much insight and knowledge about infant/babies/children that I was pretty sure I knew what I’d be getting myself into once I had my own.

Well I am quite the naive little human, aren’t I?

What’s free time?

My cute son & I!

Free time is something I definitely took for granted before I had a child. You don’t realize the luxury of it until it’s gone. If I do get any free time these days, I sacrifice my sleep in exchange. It’s pretty brutal being a mom — and that’s coming from a mom who has a really, really good baby. I can’t imagine how my life would be if Rowan was colicky, or didn’t sleep eight to nine hours at night.

As it is, it’s very hard for me to even do self-care on a daily basis, let alone complete a handful of house chores on top of feeding Rowan, engaging him in play, changing dirty diapers, trying to get myself back in shape by attending the gym regularly, and working a 9-6 job. Oh, and don’t forget meal prep for the week! (And, yes, this is with the help of my boyfriend, which I’ll get into at another time probably.)

My reading has definitely suffered

Since Rowan has been born (which was just about 6 months ago) I’ve read three full books. And when do I get to read? When I lay down, ready for bed, and I get maybe three or four e-pages in before I can barely hold my eyes open anymore. On occasion, I’ll use my hour lunch break from work to sit in my car and read, but I’ll admit that even then, it’s hard to concentrate with all the other things in my head trying to fight for dominance!

Moving forward

Moving forward, my new self-titled blog will be more than just a book blog like I had done in the past. I’m a mother now, and as that is now a part of my identity, you’ll probably see a lot of posts concerning parenting, children, etc. But! My writing ambition is still pretty strong, and I still have seven hundred-something books on my Goodreads to-read list. It seems I want to do allll the things! At least no one can say I’m dispassionate!

Something led you to my blog (fate?) … and I hope you find your stay worthwhile. Maybe you’ll even come back and walk this journey with me! (Metaphorically, of course.)

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