Monday, November 5, 2018
BLOG DIGEST #2 / november is here, and i'm loving the fall weather!
Hello November! It’s feeling very fall-like here, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it! I’ve always loved October through December for the feeling of comfort and joy, but this year is extra special because I have a son to share this holiday cheer with!

The night before last we had to turn our clocks back one hour, and this is both wonderful and sad… Wonderful, because it’s my favorite time of year, cozying up inside with my loved ones, wrapped in warmth, feeling nostalgic. But the one and only downfall is that by the time I leave work, it’s completely dark out. I’m hoping and praying that someday soon I will be able to work an 8 AM to 5 PM shift rather than the 9 AM to 6 PM. An hour would make all the difference, plus I wake up at 6 AM anyway!

I’m still reading everything that I was reading in my last digest, except I added an audiobook into the mix! I had an urge to dive back into the Harry Potter world, and I had accumulated several credits on Audible and bought over half of the HP novels earlier this year. I feel like a fraud when I say that I love Harry Potter, but haven’t read past the fifth book, so that is my goal by the end of the year: finally finish the series by listening to the audiobooks! I love listening to it on the drive to and from work (which is over 20 minutes, so I get a good chunk in every time I commute), and yesterday when Rowan and I took a walk, we listened to it together while I multi-tasked playing Pokémon GO! #TeamValor!


Nothing new.


  • BRAIN RULES FOR BABY by John Medina. Still reading. I actually haven’t picked this one up much. I want to start reading some more of it on my lunch breaks at work. (Goodreads)
  • THE GIRL FROM THE WELL by Rin Chupeco. Still reading. Initially this was supposed to be my “Halloween read”, but here we are, almost a week into November, and I’m only 6% in. Yes, you read that right: six percent! I try to read some every night before bed, but I just doze off way too fast. (Goodreads)

My boyfriend and I have been binge-watching Daredevil‘s season 3 like crazy! We only have four episodes left. (I about flew off the handle when we discovered who Matt’s mother is!!!) Also, I, like, really loathe Fisk. And I kinda miss Elektra.

I also started watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s hard for me to recall the Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom because it’s been several, several years since I watched it. This new spin on Sabrina is interesting, though. It’s definitely more dark, and the characters are way different. I like that her aunts own and live atop a mortuary though, but I’m not sure I like Zelda too much. But I am fond of the new character Ambrose.

I’ve also been watching Manifest every week there’s a new episode (except there wasn’t a new one last week… boo). The last episode — where there were flashbacks to the day the plane went missing — really tore me up and actually made me cry. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

The cutest little Chucky you ever did see!

Halloween was kind of disappointing this year, for a multitude of reasons. For one, the end of the month sneaked up on me, and I felt under-prepared… not to mention, this is the first year I didn’t really dress up. I was preoccupied with coming up for an outfit for my son to wear. And he was Chucky (see picture on the right)! We took him to the Trunk-or-Treat event at my work, which had to be held inside due to rainy weather, so that was also disappointing.

And then our town’s trick-or-treat was on Halloween day, but the forecast claimed it was going to be just too rainy out, so the town post-poned it until Friday. (The weather actually wasn’t too bad, and it barely rained during the beggar’s night hours.) I was really upset because I was able to leave work early on Halloween, but since it was so short notice, I couldn’t leave early on Friday to make it to my aunt’s house on time. I got there with 30 minutes left, at least, but Rowan was super tired and fell asleep on me while our family passed out candy. I had hoped to take him down the street and back, but it didn’t happen, unfortunately. And that’s why it was sort of a disappointing holiday for me. I’m shaking it off and hoping for a better Halloween next year!

Now, I’m looking forward to November and all the delicious possibility! Thanksgiving is right around the corner (four day weekend for me!) and I’m excited to share the festivities with my child!

Hopefully Halloween wasn’t as big a dud for you! What shows are you watching, and what are you reading? Tell me your fun plans for November!

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