Sunday, March 31, 2019

I’ve been frightfully distracted and seemingly un-dedicated to my blog lately. That makes me sad, and I’m determined to rectify that … as soon as I’m back from my vacation!

TODAY IS THE DAY. Shortly before midnight, we’re packing up the cars and setting off for Myrtle Beach! My boyfriend, his parents, my son and my mom are all driving the 10+ hours from Ohio to South Carolina, and we’re going to relax and have fun in the sun for five whole days! We’ll be back late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and then Saturday morning at 10 AM, we’re going to go see the Easter Bunny at my school, and let Rowan participate in the egg hunt! The next six days are going to be spectacular!

This past week, I’ve decided to go blonde. I typically like to lighten my hair in the spring and summer months, and then go dark once more when autumn hits. It’s just my thing. ? I bought some purple shampoo and I’m trying to cancel out the brassiness, but it’s still not quite the color I want. The kinks will work themselves out in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure.

I went to the nail salon yesterday and was really excited to get a mani + pedi and some acrylic nails (which I haven’t had in a looong time). There was some miscommunication, and I only got the pedicure, but I got my nails (without the manicure). But after everything, my total still came out to over $100! ? How do girls afford to keep their nails year-round?! Yikes! It was fine, because it was worth it, but I guess I am just shocked at how steep the price was.

I tried definitely didn’t try that hard to get my reviews out that I wanted to this week. (But at least I got the mini reviews written!) Rayne & Delilah and A Curse So Dark and Lonely will have to wait until the week after vacation.

But I DID write some mini reviews! ?

  1. HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (AUDIOBOOK) READ BY JIM DALE • (STILL LISTENING) Listened 1% last week (at 24%). LOL! I listened a little bit. ? (Add to Goodreads)
  2. HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS BY ERIN A. CRAIG • (STILL READING) Read to 61% last week. I’m on chapter 24, and this is such a delicious mystery novel, with just a hint of thrill and horror mixed in. I love the atmosphere of the book, and the way the author describes and weaves the world of the People of the Salt! (Add to Goodreads)

Room. Last night, I spontaneously watched Room, the story about a kidnapped woman who has a little boy, and he knows nothing but what’s in the ‘room’ – which is nothing more than a shed. It was a heart-wrenching story (especially since I have a son of my own).

Bob’s Burgers, season 1. In the background while I’ve been working around the house, I’ve started to re-watch Bob’s Burgers. Such a humorous adult cartoon!

  • Make it to Myrtle Beach in one piece.
  • Have a fun, relaxing week!
  • Get a nice tan.

What are you currently reading? Have you been to Myrtle Beach before?

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post!

Feeling: ?
House of Salt and Sorrows – Erin A. Craig ?
Watching: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is playing the the background ?
Drinking: Green tea
Currently: I have everything to pack still. Once Isaac gets back from the gym, I’m going to go clean out my car and start packing, but for now, I’m going to read some more House of Salt and Sorrows! See you guys in a week! ?


7 Responses to Blog Digest (#20): Vacation Mode!!! + (Another) Hiatus

  1. Enjoy your vacation! I’ve never gotten a manicure or pedicure, so I didn’t know it was that expensive. Have a great week!

  2. Have fun on your vacation with your loved ones, Rosie! Hope the kinks will work out and nothing disastrous happens. 🙂 And oof that’s a steep price and I agree, I have no clue how people afford to keep their nails year-round (I can’t in the food industry either). I suppose the price is expensive for the time it takes?

  3. Have a fabulous holiday! Myrtle Beach is a bit far for me to go 🙂

    Have a great reading week

  4. Kyra Morris says:

    Enjoy your vacation! <3

  5. I get a gel manicure every 2-3 weeks and it costs $25 plus tip. It’s a stretch but it keeps me from having issues with my nails and cuticles. The pedicures I can get much less often, at 4-5 weeks apart, especially I get lax in the winter. But if you combine with the manicure, the total is $50 + tip. It’s a really good place near my house. I’ve never gotten acrylic nails.

    I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach since 2008, but it’s a hopping place. I hope you have a great time and maybe fit in a bit of reading.

    Here is my Sunday Post   

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