Sunday, April 7, 2019

HONEY, I’M HOME! Vacation is sadly over, but I’m rejuvenated and ready to tackle work again; but that’s mostly because I get to take my child to work with me from now on!

Our first vacation with Rowan went pretty well! We left Sunday after midnight so that he would sleep for a majority of the 10-hour drive, and he did wonderfully on that front! In fact, he spent the whole week wearing a smile anywhere we went… he was such a good boy. We maybe spent a grand total of 30 minutes the entire week on the sand by the ocean. The first couple of days were crappy weather-wise, and Wednesday and Thursday were nice… but I got so sunburnt on Wednesday that I didn’t want to lay out on Thursday!

I also had some sort of respiratory malfunction where I was wheezing and coughing and allergy meds did NOT help. By Thursday, I was super miserable and went to a Walgreen’s pharmacy where they gave me a medicine given to asthmatics for temporary relief. I have some light spring allergies (nothing on that level) and the only thing I’m truly allergic to is cats, which give me the type of reaction that I was having. Maybe someone brought a cat into our hotel room and the dander stuck around? Or maybe I was having some sort of backlash from the chlorine of the indoor pools and hot tub? Who knows. I’ve still got a phlegmy cough, but nothing like what was happening on vacation.

Rowan wasn’t too impressed with the sand or the ocean like I thought he might be. He had some major RBF (“resting beach face!”) as we sidled up to the sea water (which was extremely cold).

This week: Things are a little backed up because of my one planned break, and my other unplanned one. I’ll try to make plans to type out my monthly reecap, as well as my Newly Added books on my TBR for March and my March playlist!

  1. HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (AUDIOBOOK) READ BY JIM DALE • (STILL LISTENING) Listened 33% last week (at 57%). Thanks to the long drive home from the beach, I was provided the opportunity for maximum listening! (Add to Goodreads)
  2. HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS BY ERIN A. CRAIG • (FINISHED) ★★★★★ I adored this book, and the characters and how Annaleigh was such an unreliable narrator! The mystery of why her sisters were dying off kept me turning and turning those pages! (Add to Goodreads)
  3. AURORA RISING BY AMIE KAUFMAN & JAY KRISTOFF • (STARTED) Read to 28% last week. This is my first Kaufman AND Kristoff book, and I’m very impressed so far! Great start to a science fiction/space novel. (Add to Goodreads)

I did not watch much of anything on vacation. I haven’t caught myself up on Game of Thrones, either. I’m still on the tail end of season two of my rewatch. But I’m super ready for the final season, even if I don’t get to rewatch all of it!

Aladdin. I subjected Rowan to the beloved Disney classic this afternoon. He fell asleep in my arms towards the end, but… I finished it. The Package. Isaac and watched a movie on Netflix last night called The Package and it’s stupid funny. I enjoyed it.

  • Write reviews for A Curse so Dark and Lonely, Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee, and House of Salt and Sorrows.
  • Post my monthly recap for March.
  • Participate in a Top Ten Tuesday (it’s been awhile).
  • Recap my vacation in a Dear Rowan post (also been awhile).

How was your week? Are you excited for the new season of Game of Thrones?

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post!

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5 Responses to Blog Digest (#21): Home Sweet Home

  1. A shame your vacation wasn’t more successful, glad you got a break though.

    Have a great reading week 🙂

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out- MY POST

  2. I always get sunburnt it seems no matter how much sunscreen wear and how often I put it on so I am really careful.

    I am also very allergic to cats, like end up at a hospital allergic. The 2 worst other allergic reactions I have had were vacations in April 2008 in SC and in early May 2016 when I road the Harley across SC to Atlanta for RT. Otherwise I have had few problems for about 17 years. It could be a plant in SC. The first trip I flew there and I was sick only while I was there and when I got home I was better quickly.

    Have a great week back to more normal except with Rowan with you at work!

    Here is my Sunday Post   

    • I’ve been virtually fine since I’ve gotten home… maybe it was a plant like you said? I don’t know, but it was terrible!

      This past week has been so wonderful having my son at work with me! I love it! Hope your week was just as fabulous! x

  3. Flora says:

    Plans are well and good but sometimes I forget that life is a spontaneous thing and I need to go with the flow. Family time is always important because before you know it, he’ll be going on holiday with his mates. I hope next week feels more in control. x

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