Sunday, July 7, 2019

This week went fast, yet slow at the same time. (How is that possible? Time works in funny ways, doesn’t it?) It was really nice having Thursday off for Independence Day, although I really messed up my workouts. because of it.

My day off came and went, and while I did get in a good amount of walking (my town holds a 4th of July street fest, and I lived close enough that I was able to walk there), I skipped my workout. And then Friday morning came way too early, so I skipped it in the morning… again. I had no motivation to do it that night, of course. So I did it today. I skipped TWO DAYS, and I’m pretty mad at myself, but I guess what matters is that I didn’t just give up. I did it today. 

In other news, Rowan has been acting a little off. His molars are coming in, and he’s a little bit of a monster. Getting him to sleep this week is like??? It used to be relatively easy, but now it’s major tears and screams. ? I’m not used to seeing this side of my son… Help.

My pin collection is coming along quite nicely, too. I found a hilarious pin from AlphabetBag’s Etsy: No rest for the with kid. (And I’m seriously considering getting the zippered pouch, too.) They also made a You Got This! pin that spoke to me. I got a Thanos gauntlet and a Hufflepuff pin – and I ordered a Gengar, a Mario Question block, and a Calcifer (from Howl’s Moving Castle) from the same seller, but haven’t received them yet, and the store isn’t showing up now… ? I really hope it’s just delayed and that I will get them in the mail soon.

Aurora Rising
(audiobook, bought)

Yesterday, I went ahead and got the audiobook for Aurora Rising with my Audible credit because someone told me that the audio version of this book is awesome sauce – so I have to find out for myself. I haven’t started it yet, because I’m still in the middle of my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix audiobook, but I may start it sometime this week anyway. ??‍♀️ 

This week: I meant to do the Mid-Year Freak Out Book #Tag, but things got spotty. So I’ll just try again this week! There’s a Character Freebie prompt for this week’s Top Ten, but I’m not really sure what to do with it? May or may not participate. We’ll see. 

  1. WE HUNT THE FLAME BY HAFSAH FAIZAL • (STILL READING)  Read to 29% last week. I read a smidge more. (Add to Goodreads)
  2. HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (AUDIOBOOK) READ BY JIM DALE • (STILL LISTENING)  Listened to 52% last week. Guh, Umbridge is an absolute troll, and I almost forgot how much I despise her. (Add to Goodreads)


  1. SHADOW FROST BY COCO MA • (ON HOLD) Read to 28% so far. (Add to Goodreads)
  2. A GAME OF THRONES BY GEORGE R.R. MARTIN • (ON HOLD) Read to 6% so far. (Add to Goodreads)

I guess that’s what happens when I try to read 4 books at a time. ?

Teachers is back on my radar, and I watched the episode where Ms. Snap tries to freeze her eggs. ? (season 3, episode 12)

Isaac and I also watched the latest episode of The 100… and even though I said last time that this show has gotten kind of repetitive… well, I still stand by that, but it definitely has still got my attention, haha! We also started watching season 3 of Stranger Things! Isaac fell asleep within the first 5 minutes, and when he went to rewatch it the next night… he fell asleep again. ? So maybe we’ll make it to episode 2 one day (or maybe I’ll just have to watch it by myself).

Couple of weekends ago when I went to Wisconsin Dells, one of the songs that played at the wedding I went to was “Hooked On a Feeling” by Blue Swede, and it’s since then been playing in my head! 

“Shadows” by Apollo’s Prophecy has literally been a favorite for about 3 weeks now, and Volbeat came out with a new single, “Last Day Under the Sun” – kinda obsessed with it. 

Back to a full work week. ?

  • Keep doing 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time! (No more skipping workouts!)
  • Meal-prepping and eating right.
  • Mid-2019 Book Freak Out Tag!
  • Maybe a Top 10 Tuesday post.

How was your week? Did you celebrate Independence Day? 

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves!


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