Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Who does a weekly recap on a Wednesday? Well… this girl does. You know how sometimes you’re really excited to do weekly recaps, and other times… it seems more of a nuisance than anything? No? Just me?

Hahahahaha okay, let’s just pretend I haven’t been putting this off, then. The past week or two has kind of been a busy blur, but it was also topped with some pretty hardcore, um … well, I wouldn’t call it depression, exactly. But the days have been covered in a small sadness that I just couldn’t seem to shake. 

Honestly, this past weekend was super nice, though. My son, Rowan, had his 15-month check-up on Friday and I just took the whole day off and had a fun 3-day weekend with him! We visited a new splash pad, went to the zoo with some of my family that I haven’t seen in a while, and the weekend before, me and my boyfriend had a ‘date’ at the local putt-putt place while grandma hung out with Rowan in the giant play place they have. After he kicked my butt though, we went inside and hung out with our little man, who’s becoming so adventurous!

He had his 15-month check-up last Friday, and we found out he’s off the charts for weight in his age range. ? He’s a little chunker. He’s 30 lbs, and 32.5″ long, which is in the 89th percentile. 

A Lesson in Thorns
(ebook, bought)

House of Salt and Sorrows
(hardcover, bought)

Immoral Code
(ebook, bought)

My pre-order of House of Salt and Sorrows arrived last week, and I was so excited and a bit confused when the package showed up because I forgot all about it, and couldn’t remember if I’d ordered anything recently! I kinda sorta order lots of things from Amazon, and it’s usually a guessing game as to what’s inside a package. ? 

I also stalk my best friend Jes on Twitter and saw that she was reading this smut book with some other bloggers, and I wanted to read it, too, since I was having such a hard time in the fantasy genre and needed a little something different. And WOAH, I’m almost done with it. Like, I’ll be finished with it by tonight, for sure.

This week: Honestly, probably nothing, as I’ll be traveling this weekend to Indiana for a family reunion. But next week, I have a couple posts up my sleeve.

• AURORA RISING (AUDIOBOOK) • (FINISHED) The audiobook might’ve been a smidge better than the actual book! Highly recommend! (Goodreads)
• WE HUNT THE FLAME • (STILL READING)  Read to 54% so far. I’m unsure about finishing this book. (Goodreads)
• HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (AUDIOBOOK) • (STILL LISTENING)  Listened to 73% last week. I’ve been trying to listen to this primarily on my commute to home and work. (Goodreads)
• A LESSON IN THORNS • (STARTED) A nice, little must book that I’ve been able to devour in like 10 days. (Goodreads)


• SHADOW FROST • Read to 28% so far. (Goodreads)
• A GAME OF THRONES • Read to 6% so far. (Goodreads)

I was so excited the other night. I had a song from The Greatest Showman stuck in my head, and I mentioned out loud that I need to watch it again. Isaac also mentioned he’d never seen it… and that maybe we should watch it together. ? He wanted to watch a musical!!! He actually liked it pretty well, and I was just super stoked to have him watch it with me!

We also finished the season finale of The 100. I have many questions and much confusion about the anomaly. I also started watching some of the newest season of Workin’ Moms, but Isaac wanted to start it from the beginning. ? So we’ve been rewatching that, and just finished the first season last night.

  • Finish Harry Potter #5 audiobook.
  • Finish A Lesson in Thorns.
  • Decide if I want to finish Shadow Frost and We Hunt the Flame, or DNF them. (Help me decide!)
  • Read some Game of Thrones.

What have you been up to? What have you been reading and/or watching? Do you think my son looks chunky for a 15-month old? ?

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