Monday, September 9, 2019

Sundays are so bittersweet, because it’s still technically the weekend, but you know that when you close your eyes for the night, the work week is going to start again. And so you try really hard to make each Sunday count. You don’t want to squander them.

This particular Sunday was a special one, too. Eight years ago, my boyfriend and I started dating. Honestly, I can’t believe eight years have gone so fast, and at the same time, I feel like we’ve been together forever.

Yesterday, eight years ago, it was a decision that I made that meant the rest of my life… but I didn’t know it then. We’ve lived together since 3 months of dating, living in four different places (one of them being his parent’s basement). We’ve been through various ordeals, weathering many storms. We suffered a miscarriage together, and then succeeded in bringing life into this world. We are parents, we are a team, and we try our best to be role models. He may drive me absolutely insane some days, but life would not be the same without him, that’s for sure.

So last night, to spend some quality time together, we experienced Topgolf for the first time! It was really fun, even though Isaac kicked my butt. We got to play two games in an hour, and in the second game he beat me 233 to 48. ? The drinks were delicious, too, as you can see I enjoyed one (or two) while my man hit the ball.

We also went to Noodles & Company for dinner, and Isaac made fun of me when I pulled out my METAL STRAW for our drink and I thought he was going to laugh in my face when I said, “Think of the turtles!” ? Just trying to do my part to eliminate plastic waste in the world, man. It’s cute and contractable and can just clip onto my keyring!

This boy was fun, as usual, this week. He had some bouts of crankiness (like yesterday when he took ZERO NAPS), but I think we can attribute that to some teething and getting to bed a little late each night. We got Mexican for dinner one night (first picture), went to the park with grandma on Friday evening (second picture), and we played on a trampoline at his cousin’s birthday part this weekend (last picture) — he definitely had lots of fun being bounced around by dad!

No new books this week! (WHAAAAT?)

Check out what I posted this week! ?


• FOUR DEAD QUEENS STARTED Read to page 33. I started this, but haven’t been reading all that much because of the week I had last week. (And then there was this special weekend…) But I’m intrigued, at least. (Goodreads)
• HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (AUDIOBOOK) STARTED Listened to 6%. Ah, the Harry Potter book I never read! It kind of feels nice to experience a Harry Potter novel for the first time. (Goodreads)

Image result for handmaid's tale season oneI’m officially on season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale. (I’m starting episode 5 tonight, actually.) I’m getting so into it, as effed up as it really is. Can you imagine living in a world like this???


I don’t think I accomplished A N Y T H I N G on my list of to-do’s from last week. Gah, I’m such a slacker. To be fair, we got a free giant beanbag that takes up half of the space in my boyfriend’s game room, so productivity has been at an all-time low because all I want to do is lay on it and play games on my phone or watch The Handmaid’s Tale. I need to start using it for reading, though. (Putting that on my to-do!)

  • Read more on my giant beanbag of amazingness
  • Listen through 2 hours of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Make it to page 150 in Four Dead Queens
  • Finish season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Go to the gym 2x

How was your week? What have you been reading, or watching? Can you lend any tips to me for being more productive???

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