Sunday, September 22, 2019

I missed last weekend’s blog digest post, and thought to myself… it’s time to go back to bi-weekly. It takes some pressure off (side note: should I even feel pressure? Does anyone actually read these with keen interest…?), and I have more to blog about, honestly.

The past two weeks have been really wonderful at work. I was given some 8PM – 5PM shifts (where I normally work 9PM – 6PM), and it’s been amazing. It’s funny what a whole hour can do for your day, and the stress it can eliminate. After talking to my manager, I’m really hoping something can be done so that this arrangement is permanent…but where I don’t have to leave my classroom. ? Send good vibes my way, please!

Last weekend was pretty chill. We had a couple of birthday parties (a two-year-old, and a 21-year-old ?), and Sunday was really calming, as I went on a solo hike at one of our local metro parks. Thinking about doing that again later today, before I go grocery shopping! I’ve taken walks almost every single night of this past week, too, trying to fit in exercise whenever I can. It’s also helped tremendously with my reading, since I listened to my audiobook (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) while I walked. 

Friday was by far the best day. I worked 8 – 5 (which already made the day awesome) but we had what we call a “Parent’s Night Out” where my school keeps the kids until 9:30 so that parent’s can go out on a date (or whatever they want to do)! The kiddos eat pizza and play (and I think the older ones get to watch a movie), and are put down to sleep before pick-up.

Everything I had planned was kept a secret from Isaac so that he would be surprised with the thought I’d put into our date night. ? I parked us in a parking garage, where we walked to our first destination. A place called Pecan Penny’s, which was recommended by two of my managers. It was a sort of BBQ joint, and it looked like it used to be an old car repair place because the two entrances they had were garage doors that were slid open along the ceiling. In front of the garage doors, they had a nice patio with a lot of long outdoor tables, and a couple of cornhole boards in the middle! Inside, they also had an assortment of board games to play while you wait for your food, but they brought out the food super quickly! (And it was GOOD!)

Then we walked a couple more blocks away to a place I’d only been once before. It was a bar called 16-Bit, and the walls were lined with arcade machines. They even had a few flatscreens with old game systems hooked up, like Nintendo 64. We played Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart with a couple of strangers. Drinks were $2 off until 7PM, so we stocked up on some amazing drinks with names like “Lisa Frank” and “Hulk Hogan”! ?

After about 2 hours there, we walked toward an ice cream place I wanted to go to, but it ended up being closed. So we went to a coroner shop that Isaac had been to before called Winan’s, and they sold individual chocolates! (Really good chocolates!) It was a fun date night that we’d definitely needed.

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Serpent and Dove • eBook, bought
Only Mostly Devastated • eARC, NetGalley
The Bone Houses • Hardcover, OwlCrate
The Haunting of Hill House • Paperback, OwlCrate

Check out what I posted this week! ?


• FOUR DEAD QUEENS STILL READING Read to 48%. I’m really liking this book and all of the secrets I’m learning about the queens. Interested to see what the main character does to uncover all the mystery. (Goodreads)
• HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (AUDIOBOOK) STILL LISTENING Listened to 91%. I’ve really been on a roll with this?!? I went through 85% of this book in the past two weeks, and I think a lot of it was actually read in just this past week with all of my walks I’ve been taking. (Goodreads)

Image result for handmaid's tale season oneThe Handmaid’s Tale. I’m almost done with season 2. I haven’t been watching this as much, but I have plans to watch more tonight. 

I really wanted to watch my Harry Potter DVDs this weekend that I received back from a friend who was borrowing them, but my PlayStation 4 controller is broken… and that was the only way I could watch them. ? Maybe Isaac will buy me a new controller…


Until next time…

  • Finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Visit gym 3x
  • Finish Four Dead Queens
  • Decide what to read next!

How much do you enjoy reading recap posts? Do you think it’s better to do one weekly or bi-weekly? What did you add to your reading pile this week? Have you read Four Dead Queens yet?

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves!


2 Responses to Weekly / Back to Bi-Weekly!

  1. I read them with interest, but the benefit of this meme is you can post whenever it suits you..weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or just whenever you have something to say.

    Your dinner date sounds awesome, lucky hubby, and you!

    Have a great reading week

  2. some good looking books and it sounds like you had a wonderful week. i like this meme because i am always on the lookout for new blogs. i miss weekly posts often.
    sherry @ fundinmental

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