Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ah, October, there you are! I thought we were going to get some autumn-like relief sometime in September, but I was wrong. But look at you, October! Storming in and saving the day! I was beginning to worry we were about to be pushed immediately into winter-like conditions and miss fall completely!

Up until last Friday, it was still ungodly hot. And all of a sudden, we got temps under 80 degrees and us folks here in Ohio were all like SWEATAAA WEATHAAAAA!!!

Sweater weather is the best.

October also brought some annoyance to my life though. For absolutely no reason at all, some of my WordPress core files corrupted and caused an Internal Server Error on my blog for two straight days. I WAS DYING. My beautiful blog, my life-outlet, was down, and I was so, so sad. But now it’s fixed (after much, much annoyance), and I’m so happy to be back!!!!!!!!!! (See all of my exclamation points?!!!)

We’ve had a nice couple of weeks in our part of the world. Despite it being stupid hot, Rowan went on a walk with me at the park. He had so much fun exploring (especially all the rocks the trails had to offer) and we took a puppet pal from school with us on our adventures! Rowan also got to plant ~magical pumpkin seeds~ this past week, and it two weeks, there will be a bunch of baby pumpkins for them to pick through and take home – brought by the pumpkin fairy, of course! Then yesterday, we went to an OSU tailgate that my aunt and uncle host every year. It was few hours of eating yummy food and chasing my toddler around the RV site. Lots. of. chasing. But I got him to be stationary for a while by letting him watch his nursery rhyme show on my mom’s phone. 😅

Side note: Is it bad to have a third cup of coffee on a Sunday morning? I’m seriously considering it. 🤪

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare • Borrowed. Commissioned to read by my co-teacher. And I delegated the reading of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series to her!
From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon • Bought. I spontaneously bought the June 2018 OwlCrate box off of their website, and it was all because of a super cute ‘bookworm’ mason jar mug! But I read When Dimple Met Rishi, so I’m looking forward to this read, too.

Check out what I’ve posted lately!

• FOUR DEAD QUEENS FINISHED ★★★ Mixed feelings. Great concept, but not really interested in the characters. (Goodreads)
• HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (AUDIOBOOK) FINISHED ★★★★★ This one might’ve been read in record time…for me! The end, though. 😭 (Goodreads)
• HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (AUDIOBOOK) STARTED Listened to 16%. The last book. 😭 There’s already been two deaths. And I’m a mess. Fleur and Bill are about to get married though! Yay! (Goodreads)
• CITY OF BONES STARTED Read to 10%. After pushing my co-teacher to read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, she agreed as long as I read her City of Bones book. I’ll admit I never really had any interest in Cassandra Clare’s books, but I’ll at least ~try~ the first book. (Goodreads)

Besides watching a little under half of the OSU v. Michigan State game last night, I watched about half of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 😆 I guess that it’s a good thing that I’ve been reading more than I’ve been watching, though, right?!

I’ll have a four-day work week this upcoming week. I’m really looking forward to a day-date with my boyfriend tomorrow! And then picture day at my preschool is this week. Things I hope to accomplish before the 20th are:

  • Read City of Bones
  • Finish the last Harry Potter audiobook
  • Do the 2 Top Ten Tuesday prompts

Talk to me about how your week has been! Have you read the Mortal Instruments series? Also, please applaud me on reading more than watching tv this week! 😆 Is it finally feeling like fall where you live? Leave a comment below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves!


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