Monday, November 26, 2018
BLOG DIGEST #4 / it's been a nice holiday weekend, and i don't want the real world to commence, if i'm being honest
The work week begins again, and I’m in shell-shock with how fast this four-day weekend whizzed by. I’m going to miss doing nothing important with my family, and lazing about the house, not worrying too much about chores or that nonsense. But the real world beckons… And I guess I kinda have to heed that call.

When Rowan was taking naps or playing with his dad, I did a lot of dabbling with the design of my blog. I’m still not sure about it? I kinda like it, and I love the color scheme I’ve got, but something just feels off still. I think it’s the look of my posts’ excerpts. But I’m not a design whiz; all I know is everything I taught myself, so PHP still confuses the heck out of me (I try to steer clear of that so I don’t break my site) but I’m pretty well versed in HTML & CSS. I’ve still got a few things to touch up near the footer, but overall, I think it’ll stay like this for awhile. Until I get sick of it again.

I had a couple more posts I wanted to schedule for over the holiday weekend, but they got pushed to the back-burner. I spent a lot of my time with family and watching my infant son try to crawl! 👶🏻

Okay, I’m getting tired of not posting anything new in this segment! I have the nerve to call myself a reading blog, don’t I? But since I’ve been spending so much of my spare time on my blog, it’s taken more of a priority in my life than actually reading. That will soon change in the coming weeks (in theory). Hopefully next time I do one of these digests, the books will be different. *staying positive*


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In my OwlCrate box, I received a signed copy of Girls of Paper and Fire, and then got Kill the Queen in my Scribbler box!


  • THE GIRL FROM THE WELL by Rin Chupeco. Still reading. Over my long 4-day weekend, I think I read another 2% of this story on my e-reader app. (2% is a big deal when I’m only 19% through the whole thing, okay?) I’m still unsure about it. I’ve wanted to just DNF it for so long, but my stubbornness won’t let me… I’m still clinging to hope it’ll get better. (Goodreads)
  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS read by Jim Dale (Audiobook) Still listening. On the way from work this evening, I was at the part in the story where Harry and Ron took the polyjuice potion and I didn’t listen much over the weekend, so I have a little over a third left in the story. (Goodreads)

I went ahead and just took the parenting books off of my reading list, because I’m not actually reading them, just kind of skimming them for bits and pieces of information. 🤪

I haven’t watched anything lately. I finished half an episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that had been hanging in limbo since the last digest post, but other than that, my son and I just watch a lot of kid’s songs on YouTube.

I really need to get back into Manifest and maybe finally finish the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Now that I don’t have my blog design bogging up all of my free time, I can get back to reading and watching things once I put my son to bed. 

I’ve had the last four days off from work (which is so nice, I really appreciate that we don’t have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving) and I’ve loved staying home with my little family. We spent most of the day out on Thanksgiving day, and most of Saturday with friends for a Friendsgiving, but the other two days were left to laze around and not do much of anything (the best kind of days, in my opinion)!

And the award for Best Dressed goes to…

My son looked mighty handsome in baby gray slacks and a white button-up on Thanksgiving day! By the end of the night, I’m sure he was sick of everyone loving on those cheeks, but he smiled at everyone anyway. By dinnertime, I filled his tray with bits of turkey, mashed and sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and a roll, but he was so darned tired that he didn’t want to even try to feed himself. So I busted out a pureé, then snuck some actual food into his mouth, and once he deemed it not so bad, he started using his hands to feed himself, little by little. Baby steps!

One of my best friends from high school was also in town for the holiday! She moved out to Washington a little over a year ago, and I’ve been lucky to see her twice this year, but it might be the last time for the next year or so. We spent all Saturday afternoon and evening together with our other best friend, drinking wine, talking, and playing with my son!

This week is the week! I can feel it! My son will be crawling by the end of the week — mark my words! He’s scooting across the floor, similar to a caterpillar, so he can get somewhere if he really wants to. But he’s still trying so hard to use those hands and knees. I’m a bit nervous leaving my stay-at-home-boyfriend with a crawler while I go to work… 😳

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what was your favorite part about it this year? What’s on your reading/watching list this week? Drop your honest opinions on my new blog layout if you’re feeling generous!

I’m linking up my post to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post!


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