Sunday, December 29, 2019
blog digest #44 / sparing no expense when it comes to my creativity and relaxation this week
Christmas is over, and 2020 is right around the metaphorical corner. I’ve been a very busy lady this past week, from working a creative angle in almost every spare moment that I have, while multi-tasking and reading the oh-so popular Folk of the Air series starter, and even throwing in two new tv shows into the mix! Oh! And let’s not forget about my daily workout commitment. 😬

I’ve maybe probably also have had a few episodes of “I DON’T WANT TO ADULT ANYMORE”, but who hasn’t had those?

Work this week was very calm, as it was the holidays. We were closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and since we had less than 100 kids in the building, we got to work adjusted schedules. I got to go in to work at noon everyday, which was super nice. (But now my sleep schedule is soooo out of whack…) 😴

The park in my hometown has lights all through December, and last night, since it was 45 degrees and decidedly not crowded, we took our son out to go burn off some energy before bed. The lights were so pretty, and he had a blast running around in the Christmas-lit dark. We even got a cute family picture!

Since getting my iPad on Cyber Monday, I’ve been really into this digital planner that I bought using Goodnotes 4. But… I kept thinking about making my own digital planner, so for the past week, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Using Affinity Photo, I’ve been creating my own handmade planner, and it looks exactly how I want it to be. I’ve been trying to finish it before the new year, and thankfully I’ve had lots of time. It’s also been part of the reason I’ve been up at odd hours of the night – besides the fact that I’ve been trying to read The Cruel Prince in record time. 😬

On top of all of that, I’ve started two new tv shows with my man. I’ll talk more about it down below, but we are two episodes in with each, and they are both pretty good!

I, sadly, did NOT get any books on Christmas Day. 😭 But in the dead of the night last night, I finished The Cruel Prince, and a couple  minutes before midnight, I got on my library app and borrowed The Wicked King e-book. 😅 


  • The Wicked King by Holly Black

  • MUSE OF NIGHTMARES (Audiobook) read by Steve West.  Started. Listened to 5%. I looooved Strange the Dreamer, and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook with Steve West narrating. Now I get to listen to his lovely, sultry voice a second time!!! And I haven’t read Muse of Nightmares yet, so I’m eager to find out how this series ends. (Goodreads)
  • THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black. Finished. ★★★★ Last week, I didn’t read very much, but the further I got into, the harder it was to stop reading it. I gave it four stars because I got lost a lot. I guess I just don’t have a good understanding of Faerie lore and their politics and the different creatures, and sometimes I wish Holly Black would’ve gone into more depth with the scenery and background – but overall, I really enjoyed it. I finished it late last night and immediately requested the e-book for The Wicked King from my library! (Goodreads)

First and foremost, we watched The Mandalorian because last week’s episode had my anxiety at level 100. I feel much more calm with the end of this week’s episode, but still a tiny bit unsettled if I’m being honest. 

Then my boyfriend and I started two new shows…

V Wars. My boyfriend had no idea what it was about, and I just started it up one day. As soon as Ian Somerhalder came on the screen, he whipped his head toward me, with a knowing face on, haha! He knows Ian Somerhalder is my big celebrity crush. 😋 We’ve gotten two episodes in, and I’m pretty hooked. Then we started watching The Witcher a couple of nights ago, and we’re trying to make it last because there’s only 8 episodes. 😅 It’s a bit confusing, but Isaac has been playing the video game, so he can give me the bit of insight he has. But holy crap. Henry Cavill and his long, white hair, and sexy butt-chin! (Isaac makes fun of it, but I think it’s pretty attractive on him. 😍)

How were the holidays for you? What do you think of The Cruel Prince and its sequels? Have you started watching The Witcher or V Wars yet?

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4 Responses to Weekly / Reading, watching, creating, lazing about!

  1. Astrid says:

    Wow, you seriously made your own digital planner?! That’s awesome! I don’t even know how to use a planner, let alone create one.

    I feel you on no books for Christmas. I didn’t get any either, but then again I buy most of mine or get them from Bookshare (an acccessible library service for the blind).

    • Sooo… lots of things went wrong when I tried to make my digital planner 😭 So I gave up, sadly. It was just too time-consuming, so I had to move on, unfortunately. I wasn’t able to spend any time here or reading!

  2. I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but The Cruel Prince is one I want to get to. Everybody seems to love it. Have a great week!

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