Sunday, January 19, 2020
blog digest #46 / where i talk about the unnatural length of this week and how i'm doing on my fitness goals
Happy weekend, friends! I don’t know why, but this past week appeared to last about roughly 56 years. I feel aged. I feel tired. But! I’m so happy with my progression towards my fitness goals!!! I worked really hard this week, and I’m feeling very motivated and proud of myself. 😁

Aside from the atrocious dinner I had on Friday night (pizza and a beer… 👀) I’ve been meal-prepping, exercising (even on days I am 100% not feeling it) and drinking tons of water.

This week was super long, even though I had all of Monday off. 😑 Why does that happen? The shorter the week, the longer it feels? It’s annoying. I used Monday to my advantage and spent all morning at Starbucks, giving my blog love and attention (you know, writing and scheduling some much-needed posts). I went home and had lunch and relaxed for an hour or two, and then I was off to the gym! Like I mentioned last week, I’m doing the Fit Girl Challenge and Monday was the first day. I’ve enrolled myself into this challenge with a friend, and its community has been a huge blessing! So I put myself to work on Monday, and I made it over 13k steps. In fact, my only day that wasn’t so great was Friday, and I think it really was the pizza that slowed me down that night. Lesson learned.

Wednesday’s weigh-in & a post-workout selfie!

I feel like I made up for it on Saturday, when I did both my Friday AND Saturday workout, with some additional cardio on top. Today, I’m going to be going and will just be walking on the treadmill and (maybe) finishing The Queen of Nothing – I’m halfway there! While I’ve been prioritizing exercise, healthy eating, and reading, I feel like I’ve been not-so-good at other things, like taking care of my house chores and… um… sleeping. 😴 I’ve been a bit more tired this week, and I’ll admit that all last weekend, I stayed up until 3am every single night. 😳 I love sleep so much, but sometimes I hate how much we have to sleep. It really cuts into time I could be spent doing other things… like more reading… more tv show-watching. You know?

But anyway. Next week, I’ll try to be better about getting the right amount of sleep, and I’ll be even better at meal prepping and knocking out all the exercises every single day! 💪🏻

Top Ten Tuesday: 2019 Bookish Discoveries!

2019 was the year of discoveries – of the bookish variety! I cover different bookish apps, some authors, and a few books that really made 2019 a spectacular year!

Rosie’s Infinite Playlist: December

I love talking music! This post is about some of the new tunes I listened to through December. (Minus the Christmas carols, no worries!)

Nothing new here! ☹️

  • MUSE OF NIGHTMARES (Audiobook) read by Steve West.  Still listening. Listened to 40%. I’m just gonna say this again: I want to live in Laini Taylor’s mind. I’m loving this sequel. (Goodreads)
  • THE WICKED KING by Holly Black. Finished. ★★★★★ WOW! I loved this one a bit more than its prequel. The Cruel Prince captured my attention, but The Wicked King left me reeling, and Holly Black really manipulated my mind. And I loved it! (Goodreads)
  • THE QUEEN OF NOTHING by Holly Black. Started. Read to 53%. I’m flying through this series! The hype for this really drove me away, but my curiosity piqued when TQoN gained a lot of following. I’m so glad I finally picked up The Cruel Prince! (Goodreads)

Mmm, Ian Somerhalder. 🤤

My boyfriend and I have resumed watching V Wars, and I must say it’s fun watching Ian Somerhalder be on the side of humans rather than vampire, like his role in The Vampire Diaries. We stayed up late last night and actually finished the whole season! We also watched Monsters, INC. and Zootopia with Rowan (although we watched it more than he did, haha). I also watched another episode of You, from the second season. Joe is a creepy dude, but I’m hooked on this show. 

  • Keep packing lunches, keep drinking 80+ oz of water daily.
  • Continue to make healthy choices, for dinner especially.
  • Complete the daily exercises, even when I don’t feel like it.
  • Get a decent amount of sleep per night!
  • Finish The Queen of Nothing… then decide what to read next?
  • What SHOULD I read next???
How was your week? Have you read The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black? Do you have any goals for 2020? Can you help me decide which book to pick up next?

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2 Responses to Weekly / You make it stronger as it grows, revel in the friction

  1. Mmmm is right LOL
    Congrats on your achievements during the week, keep it up!

    Wishing you a great reading week

  2. so agree about the needing so much sleep, sometime I wish I could stay up later reading or watching tv without the punishment of the lack of sleep the next morning… ugh! Also so glad to see you loved The Wicked King its one of my favs! V Wars looks like a show I’ll have to look into bc I adored Vampire Diaries! Great post 🙂

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