Sunday, February 2, 2020
blog digest #48 / what a productive week! reading, cleaning, eating right and exercising!
What a week! I’ve felt so very productive, and it’s motivating me to have another good week in the days ahead! Next Sunday is the end of my Fit Girl challenge, but this week might set me off the course a little. I’m hoping I can still make really good choices and try to stay active.

We’ve survived our first month of January, and wow? It went by so fast? I hear everyone saying the opposite, but I literally feel like we just rung in the new year.

My baby and me πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

In the weight-loss department, I’m still stagnant and standing at 211 lbs. That just means I have to try a little harder, work a little harder, eat a little better. I’m not going to let the scale convince me that I’m failing, though. I am noticing big changes in myself, even when the scale doesn’t reflect them.

I got to go to the gym 3 days this week. Tuesday and Thursday, and then I went last night after Rowan went to bed. I was there from about 9 PM to 11 PM! It’s a pain in the butt to have to wait until Rowan goes to sleep to also travel 15-20 minutes away to my gym, but… I feel so motivated when I get there – like, I took the extra time to drive here, so I better work and make it worth it! I might have to do that some more this week (or at least Monday and Tuesday because Wednesday afternoon I’ll be on my way down to a cabin for 3 days)!

I had Friday morning off, and it was super nice. I went ahead and took Rowan to school, ran an errand, and then came home to clean my entire house! I finally took down the Christmas tree, rearranged some furniture, cleaned all of our rooms, and wiped down the kitchen. I guess the only room I didn’t get to was the bathroom – we’ll save that for another day. My mom is coming to stay with Rowan while my boyfriend and I go to the cabin with some friends this week, so I wanted to make sure it looked nice.

Another highlight of this week was the baby shower some of my friends/co-workers and I were planning for my co-teacher! Everything turned out awesome, and I’m really glad we were able to do it for her. πŸ₯°

Oh yeah, and MY BOOKSHELF COLLAPSED the other day! πŸ˜“ I was super sad about it, and had to put a bunch of my books in a tote. (Luckily, there was very little damaged to my books, as they were 90% hardcovers.) The others that wouldn’t fit in the tote went on my other shelf in my bedroom, where there was just a bit of room, and under the new table we put in place of the bookshelf… where Isaac now has a brand-new gaming PC set-up. πŸ™„

2020 Goals + Challenges

I decided to write out my goals for 2020, both bookish and bloggish. I’ve even joined a couple of challenges to help me get my physical TBR under control, and to motivate me to read books from my shelf!

Top Ten Tuesday: January β†’ March 5-Star Predictions

I got the idea from Howling Libraries to do a quarterly Top Ten post where I try to predict what books will be 5-star reads for me!

#StartOnYourShelfathon Info, Goals + TBR

One of the challenges I’m participating in this year! It’s hosted by The Quiet Pond, and I’m excited to see my star map collecting stars already! πŸ’«

January Recap + Feb TBR!

January was a good month, and it flew by fast. I’m off to good start for 2020. I only got 3 new books, and I’m slowly working through my physical TBR.

Look at me GO! I’ve gone from posting like once a week, to posting four times! Who even am I? Excuse me while I dance because I am being so productive and awesome! *toot toot*

So I accidentally requested a couple of books from Netgalley… accidentally on purpose. 😬

Well, I got Shielded and The Mall – yay! I still have one to read before these (Ruthless Gods) and then I’ll get to these ones, hopefully soon. I also bought the ebook Credence because another blogger talked about it, and said it was pretty good, and pretty saucy. Yes please.

Shielded β€’ The Mall β€’ Credence

  • MUSE OF NIGHTMARES (Audiobook) read by Steve West. Still listening.Β Listened to 71%. I listened to about 20% of this book just this week, and it’s gettingΒ so good. I’m loving the backstory about the gods, and how everything is coming together. The end of chapter 42 really disturbed me though, not going to lie. 😳 (That’s okay, Laini is still my queen.) (Goodreads)
  • TO KILL A KINGDOM by Alexandra Christo. Still reading. Read to 46%. I’m really digging this high-sea adventure between the pirate prince and the monster princess. Enemies-to-lovers??? It’s all I ever wanted in aΒ Little Mermaid retelling! (Goodreads)

I haven’t watched much this week, but Disney+ has been steadily playing in the background, thanks to my toddler. He’s been watching all kinds of things, like Ratatouille, The Jungle Book, Frozen, Peter Pan, Cars, etc. I usually don’t pay any attention because my attention span for older movies is a little wobbly these days. But I did watch A Bug’s Life with him yesterday, because it’d been yeeeears since I’d seen it. And I’ve also started watching Shameless!!! Wow, why hadn’t I watched it until now?? This show is awesome. Isaac and I are watching it together, so I can’t exactly binge it like I secretly want to. *shakes fist*

  • Last week I didn’t drink 80 oz of water every day. So this week, I will try to get a minimum of 64 oz! (Baby steps.)
  • Keep prepping my lunches and overnight oats (I did pretty good with this last week!)
  • Healthy choices, healthy choices, healthy choices! (Sometimes this was hard.)
  • This week, I’m heading to a cabin with some friends on Wednesday until Friday, and I may have a tough time completing the daily workouts. My plan is to be as active as I can!
  • Finish To Kill a Kingdom and my Muse of Nightmares audiobook!
please pray for me that i don’t get called into jury duty on thursday while i’m supposed to be relaxing at a cabin! (i haven’t had to go in yet, so my fingers and toes and legs and arms are all crossed!) i hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and happy reading!

I’m linking up my post to The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves!


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