Sunday, March 8, 2020
blog digest #53 / the weekly rundown on the goings-on of my life, the new books, & what i've been reading + watching!
Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! This is a late Sunday post becauseeee it was SO NICE OUT today, I couldn’t bear gluing myself to the computer for too long. I went out, got some groceries, sipped a Starbucks in the nice weather while reading some of my current book (The Mall), and then I took my son to the park until it got dark!

What a nice intro to spring. I left the windows open and let the light stream through the front screen door and it just made me SO HAPPY! (It’s not hard to make me happy with spring-like weather.) I hope this weather stays and doesn’t turn into the rainy version of spring that I basically detest unless I am at home and deeply cuddled in my blankie with some hot tea and snacks.

PARENTING / This week started out a bit rough. Rowan developed an unexplained fever Sunday evening, and he missed school on Monday and Tuesday… which meant I missed work Monday and Tuesday. I was able to go in late on Monday and work four hours because Rowan’s grandpa came over to be with him for a bit, but they were still two days worth of call-offs. 😬 I can’t miss any more work for 30 days or I lose my PTO! The fever was gone by Wednesday, thank goodness.

JURY DUTY / My work was interrupted again, because I finally had to show up for jury duty. It was my first time ever being summoned, but it was actually a bit boring, and I didn’t even get to be picked for the jury – I was simply in the group of ‘back ups’. I feel like I picked up on some courtroom mumbo jumbo, but not enough to, like, encourage me to go to law school or anything. 🤪

DR. SEUSS WEEK / We celebrated Dr. Seuss week at school! Rowan and one of his besties matched Cat in the Hat hoodies on Thursday, and they looked so adorable.

GAME NIGHT / Last night, my boyfriend and I got together with friends, had a nice dinner, and went back to their house to play games. We made a pit stop at Meijer because they had board/card games BOGO half off. We bought Deadpool Monopoly and a card game called “Do You Know Me?”, which is from the makers of “What Do You Meme”, which we enjoy. We didn’t get to play those when we got to their house, though, because we spent all of our time playing Quiplash from the Jack in the Box party pack! 🤣 It was a fun time, and I hope we get to do it again soon!

February’s Watch List

It’s the end of another month, which means… a totally recall of things I watched on the tv for the past 30 days! I watched some new things (that aren’t new for others), so come look & talk with me. 📺

Top Ten Tuesday: One-Word Titles on My Radar for 2020

This week’s TTT prompt was ‘one-word titles’, so I took it a step further and just picked 2020 releases of a variety of genres that I’m anxiously awaiting!

February Recap + Mar TBR!

Talkin’ about everything I read, received, reviewed, and blogged about in the month of February. Doing a little inventory of where I’m at with challenges, too!

Rosie’s Infinite Playlist: February

My monthly music feature where I get to talk about music, and hopefully introduce you to some new tunes! 🎵

Here’s Rowan, inspecting my new book, making sure it came in perfect condition. 😉 I’m super excited to read this. I’ve heard opposites sides of the spectrum in regards to people’s opinions of it so far. I hope I will like it! Miss Maas hasn’t let me down so far!

Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood


  • RUTHLESS GODS by Emily A. Duncan. Finished. ★★★ I sucked it up and finished this book! The beginning was promising, and the middle d r a g g e d, and then as I reached the end it kind of picked back up again… but it wasn’t enough to salvage my somewhat negative feelings towards the book. (Goodreads)
  • AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS (Audiobook) read by Julia Whelan. Finished. ★★★ Don’t know if it was the fact that it was an audiobook or not, but this one didn’t exactly score highly with me, even though it was good. (Goodreads)
  • THE MALL by Megan McCafferty. Started. Read to 34%. 90s mall culture, sub level parties, and reunited friends brought together by a treasure hunt. I’m enjoying this so far! (Goodreads)

›› ShamelessStill working our way through season 2! Still loving this show… and despising Frank, oh my lawd. 🙄

  • Get back to the gym!
  • Meal prep and continue making good eating choices.
  • After-work walks with my little?! (Yay, daylight savings time!)
how was your week? do you dread or anticipate the time change? i’m so excited for longer days and more sunlight! tell me what you read this week!

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4 Responses to Weekly / They’re playin’ our sound

  1. We have a few weeks before the end of daylight savings, I always miss it.
    I’m jealous you have a copy of Crescent City, I read the chapter sample and really enjoyed it.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  2. Lauren says:

    I am looking forward to spring and more lighter weather! Thank you for sharing all about your week! X

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