Sunday, April 19, 2020
blog digest #57 / the weekly rundown on the goings-on of my life, the new books, & what i've been reading + watching!
Well y’all, there isn’t really much to comment on… it’s been the same ol’, same ol’ for the past three weeks. But for the sake of… well, blogging… 😅 here’s my rundown of the past two weeks because I didn’t write a post last week – oops!

YARDWORK / The weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative, but I’ve been wanting to make some progress on my dumpy property. The back and front yards are an eyesore.

Here’s a “before” shot. Sometime this week, my mom is bringing her truck and getting the ginormous piles off sticks off of the back porch that we’ve somehow accumulated, and I’ll take my leaf blower and blow the rest of the crap into the yard, where I’ll rake it up and bag it. I made a big girl adult purchase today – a wheelbarrow! 🤣 Need to make this backyard child friendly, now that Rowan wants to spend so much time outside! Yesterday, we took the power washer to the front of the house, which was growing some mold… 🥴 So slowly and surely, we’ll get our property looking good (after we’ve lived here for 3.5 years). And we’ll have nice weather up until Wednesday, so hopefully I can make some progress before we have more rainy and crappy weather.

ANIMAL CROSSING / I’m also still going strong with Animal Crossing, trying to make my island look nice! If you want to be island buddies, shoot me a DM on Twitter! 😊

Only 3 posts over the past two weeks… even though I have more time to blog, my motivation has depleted. But it always comes in waves! Like I was actually excited to write my blog post today, but didn’t get to finish it until after 9pm!

WWW + Can’t Wait Wednesday: Aurora Burning

I’m super excited for the sequel to Aurora Rising! I love Squad 312 with everything I am. 🥰

Rosie’s Infinite Playlist: March

This came a little later in the month, but it’s my playlist post! This features some of my favorite songs from March.

Review: Meddling Kids

Hey guys, look! I wrote a review! Crazy, right? I joined a blog review challenge that runs until May 18th, so maybe this will motivate me!

Of Beast and Beauty

I can’t remember what brought me to purchase this… if I saw it on someone else’s blog, or I just stumbled upon it on Amazon? Who knows! But it sounds awesome!

  • eARC: THE SCAPEGRACERS by Hannah Abigail Clarke. Finished. ★★★ This story just went by way too slowly for me, even though I liked the characters. Read a bit like The Catcher in the Rye, which I remember not liking too much when I read it in high school, but this book had witches. A unique style of witches, too. (Goodreads)
  • HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD by Sarah J. Maas. Started. Read to 21%. I’m finally reading it!!! I’m loving it so far. SO much information to take in! I’m trying to take notes so I don’t get lost. 😅 (Goodreads)
  • MAYBE THIS TIME (Audiobook) read by Ana Isabel. Started. Listened to 17%. Found this audiobook on Scribd and decided I needed to start listening to audiobooks again for when I do make trips in the car (or also while I’m cooking, showering, etc!) I like this one so far; it’s much easier to pay attention to contemporary audiobooks than fantasy ones! (Goodreads)

›› Shameless – Isaac and I finished season 3!!! I hope we get to start watching season 4 tonight.
›› Brooklyn Nine-Nine – We also started season 7 of this favorite show, but we haven’t had many more opportunities to squeeze it in just because we love watching Shameless so much.
›› You – I watched the end of season 2!!! OMG!!! Did not see that coming. And seriously, the last scene pissed me off so much. I will definitely watch the next season whenever it comes out.
›› Atypical – A major surprise to all, my boyfriend actually came in the living room and starting watching a lot of this with me. He didn’t sit through it all, but I think he actually started to enjoy it a little bit. He thought it was so weird how bluntly honest and emotionally distant Sam was, but as a person who used to work with kids with autism, I knew this was a natural response, and the actor who plays Sam does so well in character. I watched all of season 3, and absolutely loved it!
›› The Tiger King – Yes, Isaac and I succumbed and watched this insane docu-series. Yikes, such a trainwreck!
›› Locke & Key – I’ve only watch 2 episodes so far, but I’m very intrigued by this show!
›› Wreck-It Ralph – So, I’d never seen this movie before! Isaac put it on for Rowan one day when scrolling through movies on Disney + and I was pleasantly surprised! It was such a good movie. A shame I hadn’t seen it until now.
›› Treasure Planet – Crazy enough, this is another movie I hadn’t seen before but always wanted to watch! Now, I didn’t get to watch a majority of the middle-to-the-end (although I did see how it ended) because I had to do grown-up things while Rowan watched it, but I saw enough to know I would love the whole thing. Maybe I’ll get to re-watch it again this week to watch all the parts I missed!

  • Wow, I was a busy bee with all of these tv shows and movies! Now that I’ve caught myself up on You, Atypical, and Tiger King, I’m thinking about throwing something else into the rotation. Maybe watching s5 of Fuller House, or finishing The Handmaid’s Tale (I stopped after 2 episodes of s3), or even starting a brand new show, Carnival Row? If you have any thoughts, leave a comment!

  • I see lots of Animal Crossing in my future.
  • Trying to find a new tv show to fit into my watching rotation.
  • I hope to get a lot of reading of House of Earth and Blood in!
  • Keep posting reviews, with the #BookBlogReviewChallenge to motivate me!
  • Hopefully getting my yard into shape.
how are you handling quarantine? are you keeping yourself busy or you in relax-mode? what have you been reading or watching?

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