Sunday, April 26, 2020
blog digest #58 / the weekly rundown on the goings-on of my life, the new books, & what i've been reading + watching!
Fifth week of quarantine, and I am SO. READY. for it to end. But I’m not so sure if the end is near… Our state is preparing to re-open (we were hoping by this upcoming Friday), but I’m unsure if my job is going to be among the supposedly small amount of businesses re-opening. Say a prayer for me.

Days have dragged for the past five weeks… Before all of this happened, I was begging for a week straight at the beach. But after all of this, I don’t think I need a vacation for the rest of 2020. šŸ˜… I am on the fence about us re-opening. I don’t want a resurgence of the virus after all the hard work that Ohio has done to keep it at bay… but good grief, I’m ready to get out of the house…

BOYFRIEND’S BIRTHDAY! / We celebrated (low-key, sadly) my boyfriend’s birthday on Monday. He turned 28. I bought him a weighted blanket and an Apple Watch… but unfortunately I didn’t check what iOS the phone had to be to synchronize, and Isaac had an iPhone 6 which doesn’t update to iOS 13… and of course, that’s what the phone needed to have to be compatible with the watch! So he got a new phone, too! He upgraded to an iPhone 8, and it actually just arrived in the mail this morning.

YARDWORK / We’ve been (s l o w l y) working on the front and back yard. We tilled the area in the front that needs new grass seed, and got all of the sticks and junk off the back porch, and power washed it. The concrete is a bit dark still from having all the leaves and crap left on it, but there’s supposed to be some kind of bleach solution thingamajig that we can put on it to make it look better! We just haven’t gotten it yet.

ANOTHER BIRTHDAY… / We have another upcoming birthday, and to prepare for it, I’ve been buying Rowan some new toys and organizing a drive-by parade for the day of his birthday (next Thursday). I’m not ready to have a two-year-old! šŸ˜­ Although I’ve definitely gotten a taste of two-year-old life being home with him for five weeks! šŸ˜‚ Poor guy really needs to go back to school, and I need to go back to work, hahaha!

ARC Review: The Mall

Another review! I’m on a roll (not really lol). I’m still six reviews behind. šŸ˜¬ But I’m getting there.

Nothing new here!

  • HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD by Sarah J. Maas. Still reading. Read to 27%. Yiiiikes, reading has taken a back seat again. I’m going to try to read this one for at least an hour a day this upcoming week!Ā  (Goodreads)
  • MAYBE THIS TIME (Audiobook) read by Ana Isabel. Still listening. Listened to 25%. I haven’t listened to this one much because I usually listen to most of my audiobooks in the car… which I haven’t been using because I have nowhere to go. šŸ˜¬ (Goodreads)


ā€ŗā€ŗ Shameless ā€“ We’re currently on season 4, and gosh it sucks lol. All the things that are happening right now are making me sad, and Frank is despicable as always ā€“ but I still love the show obviously!
ā€ŗā€ŗ Locke & Key ā€“ I’ve gotten past the first 3 episodes. Holy crap, this show is weird. Want more!
ā€ŗā€ŗ Brooklyn Nine-Nine ā€“ Finally watched another episode of S7.
ā€ŗā€ŗ Fuller House ā€“ Started watching this funny series again. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I watch it. Brings back memories of me watching and growing up on Full House.

  • Read House of Earth and Blood for an hour a day.
  • Keep posting reviews and following the #BookReviewBlogChallenge guidelines!
  • Birthday drive-by parade for Rowan! šŸ„³
how are you holding up? what have you been doing to keep yourself occupied during the quarantine?

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