Sunday, December 30, 2018
blog digest #8 / my house is being overrun by toys...
Happy weekend, my precious readers! I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families — I know mine was quite wonderful!

This is a very late digest post comin’ atcha (it’s past 10 o’clock at night here!), but it’s been a long weekend. Although not really, I’ve just been doing a lot of reading, cooking, cleaning, organizing Rowan’s 134,929 new toys from Christmas in the living room that has become his play room, and other delightful things of that nature. Also visiting my co-worker and her new baby in the hospital!

I’m cramming in posts like it’s my JOB before the new year hits us. Enjoy?

This upcoming week: This week, there’s a loooot of content I want to dish out. I’ll be doing FOUR bookish posts, and one music post. (Here’s to hoping I get it all out there this week!)







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Fall Like RainPuddle JumpingEvenfallNeighborlyGolden CurseA Thousand Perfect NotesJust for Clicks

I went a bit crazy with the ebooks this week… Plus side? I read two of ’em! I also got back into NetGalley, and automatically was able to get this Just for Clicks, which I’ve actually had on my TBR! So here’s to building up my rep on Netgalley!


  • DON’T FALL by Rachel Schieffelbein • Finished.  ★★ Read 73 pages this week. This book was… okay. I think by the time I was 75% through, or so, I was over it, and was just reading it to finish it, not because I cared what happened. The story was so promising, and it did have some good parts, which is why it was awarded 2 stars versus one. (Goodreads)
  • PUDDLE JUMPING by Amber L. Johnson • Finished. ★★★★ Read 248 pages total. This book was SO good! I’m quite excited that it has a sequel coming next year, and I can’t wait to read it. It was sweet, adorable, witty, and under 250 pages! What a beautiful combination. (Goodreads)
  • FALL LIKE RAIN by Ana Tejano • Finished. Read 150 pages this week. Where Puddle Jumping was a delight to read, Fall Like Rain…wasn’t. The story was good, the execution was quite atrocious. (Goodreads)
  • GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE by Natasha Ngan • Still reading. Read 9 pages this week. I didn’t read much of this gem this past week, but not because I was growing bored of it! I was just trying to cram in all of my short reads with the Short-A-Thon readathon that lasts until tomorrow night! (Goodreads)
  • WHERE WE FELL by Amber L. Johnson • Started. Read 38 pages this week. I just started this one late last night, but I’m 40% through it already. It’s only about 100 pages, and it’s about a boy who has cancer, but finds a reason to live in a girl he met at a diner the day he learns of his diagnosis. It’s by the same brilliant author that gave us Puddle Jumping, so I know I will love it to the end. (Goodreads)

Um, okay, so last night my boyfriend convinced me we should watch this new movie on Netflix called Bird Box — if you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably live under a rock or somewhere that does not get very good wiFi because EVERYONE is talking about it. Some friends of mine at work pretty much said it’s stupid and don’t bother watching it, so when Isaac told me he wanted to watch it, I was skeptical. I went into this not really knowing anything about it except for the fact that it was gaining a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

Basically, my thought was this: “Bird Box? What a stupid title. Why is everyone talking about this is the first place. Sounds dumb.” And then my friend’s comments solidified my choice to not watch it.

But yes, we watched it. And holy crap! I have so many questions. Why do the crazies not become suicidal? Why don’t the birds go crazy and kill themselves? Most of all, WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT??? This ticked me off the most. I wanted to know what everyone was seeing!

After watching the movie, Isaac and I found this eye-opening video about how Bird Box is a story about loneliness and depression — check it out, because it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

Besides that movie, we did Christmas right by watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer on Christmas Eve, and A Christmas Story and Die Hard on Christmas day. (Did You Know? This was the first time I’ve ever seen Die Hard! 😬)

We finally got three more episodes of Iron Fist under our belt, as well. We’ve made it past episode 7 of season 1. That ENDING! Ward is a lunatic. Madame Gao is annoying me. Someone needs to take that woman OUT.

Christmas selfie! #mommasboy

Christmas was this week! I had 4 glorious days away from work, and I got to spend them with my baby — who just happens to be eight months old today! Where is the time going?! I actually went to the hospital today to see my co-worker who had her baby yesterday, and he was so tiny and SMOL and it made me cry because I miss my son being that little! 🥺

Anyway, Christmas! It was Rowan’s first Christmas, and now our living room is a giant play room. My OCD to have my house perfect is in overdrive, guys. I can’t handle it.

I got some nice things. $75 in gift cards was a pleasant surprise from the families at work, and I got a new Nintendo Switch game: Super Smash Bros! I also got some super comfy amazingly soft blankets, and a set of pajamas, and a new wet/dry shop vac! You know you’re an adult when new cleaning instruments make you happy!


I’ve decided to include this little tidbit at the end of my weekly digests, and use it to hopefully find new friends and open up more dialogue between us! This meme is brought to you by Coffee Addicted Writer, where I will be linking up!

Did you get any books for Christmas? If so, which ones?

MY ANSWER: Astonishingly, NO! And now that I think about it, how dare they! But I got plenty of Amazon gift cards, so guess what those are now going towards??? Correct. BOOKS. I did already buy some books off of Amazon yesterday, though. I purchased Muse of Nightmares (finally), Legendary, and Rabbit & Robot. I also pre-ordered A Curse So Dark and Lonely and King of Scars!

How was your Christmas this year? Do you have any plans to ring in the new year tomorrow night? Drop a comment below! 👇🏻

I’m linking up my post to Stacking the Shelves and The Sunday Post!


5 Responses to Weekly / Christmas, Babies + Bird Box

  1. You’re right that everyone is talking about Bird Box. I want to watch it because Sandra Bullock is my fav actress but I’m worried about the suicides being triggering for my mental health. I will probably watch it though so I bookmarked your post so I can watch the video you shared after the movie. I definitely think Amazon cards count as getting books for Christmas. I got an Amazon card too but I haven’t used it yet because I have 19 new books already which I shared on my blog for the Book Blogger Hop.

    • She really is a fabulous actress; one of my favorites as well. I hope that you’ll be able to watch it, but I understand if you don’t! You could probably even watch the YouTube video first, to see if it would be a movie for you. ?

      Three of my new books I bought on Amazon came in the mail yesterday and they are soooo pretty! ?

  2. I got giftcards too but no books ?
    The cover for Puddle Jumping is gorgeous!

    Yeay for baby’s first Christmas! That’s always an awesome one but, unfortunately, the toy invasion/clutter just gets worse as they get bigger! (My son is almost 8 and this year is a nightmare…)

    • Ahahaahaahaaaa yeah I’m gonna have to get over it, huh? ?? We just have such a small house that it’s hard for it to NOT feel cluttered as it is. ? We need to get rid of some junk we don’t use!

      Hey gift cards are good! You can use them for ANYTHING… like BOOKS! ?

  3. Anne says:

    It sounds like a lovely Christmas with some reading tucked into the schedule. At even a year old my daughter was most interested in the box and wrappings rather than the gifts. Enjoy your new books and the New Year! Anne – Books of My Heart

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