Saturday, October 20, 2018

Accessibility is very important to me in a blog, so here are my seven fundamental categories that all of my posts are split up into.

These posts consist of all things bloggish, like my personal adventures in blogging or statistics. But also covers anything from opinion pieces, discussions regarding blogging, my views on blogging, etc. View all posts ›

A weekly recap feature, where I talk about my life off of the blog, books read, tv/movies watched, and recap all my posts for the week. View all posts ›

Ramblings about yours truly. Personal posts, being a mom, the real-life tragedies. View all posts ›

Spotlights on my writing projects, one-shots, etc. View all posts ›

Anything that involves reading or being a reader. Encompasses all of my book reviews, book discussions, book tags, etc. Genres include: young adult, new adult, adult, comics, audiobooks. View all posts ›

I have a song in my head anywhere I go, and it’s another thing I love to shout about from the rooftops! I have a very eclectic taste, and mainly what falls in this category is my Rosie’s Infinite Playlist tag. View all posts ›

Basically posts that do not fit in any of the above categories! View all posts ›


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