Wednesday, March 18, 2020
bookish / hyping up pre-published books like it's my job, and going over my last finished/current/next book.
Well, we’ve made it another day. Somehow. I hope you all are trying to stay sane and find peace with all of this mania happening in the world.

I’m trying to hang in there. Daycares still aren’t closed (as of right now), but I had today off in advance because today was supposed to be my son’s first trip to the dentist. Alas, it’s been cancelled, so we’re just hangin’ at home, fueled by “juish” and Sesame Street. (Mom, however, is fueled by coffee and blogging.)

Like I said, we’re making the best of it. Anxiety is fluttering just under the surface, but I’ve got to try to make everything seem as normal as possible for my son. I’m just trying to make sure he doesn’t feed off of all the uncertainty that’s happening right now. I’ve been trying to cover up my stress about it by laughing at memes and joking about how “quarantine is basically how I live my life anyway,” but… 😩

Tell me why, when I have a choice, I choose to stay home… but when my choice is taken away, home becomes a solitary little cage???


What did I recently finish reading?

I finished The Mall by Megan McCafferty last week, and I really enjoyed it! It had fun 90s vibes, a treasure hunt, and a rekindled friendship. Plus an ongoing flirtation with a boy in which they had no idea what each other’s names were.

what am i currently reading?

I’m currently listening to the To Be Honest audiobook, by Maggie Ann Martin. I’m about halfway through it. And I’m reading my eARC of The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke. I’m only about 15 percent-ish in, and… I don’t know, the whole thing is kind of weird and I’m afraid it might not be my thing? But I’m going to give it more of a chance than that. Stay tuned.

what will i pick up next?

I’m strongly considering picking up Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas next, but I’m not sure yet? It depends on how I’m feeling after The Scapegracers. Sometimes after a complicated fantasy, I feel ready for a IRL contemporary, so maybe I’ll finally read Confess by Colleen Hoover… (which I put on yesterday’s TTT spring TBR!)

Can’t wait for…

Author: Laura Hankin
Expected Publication: May 19th, 2020 by Berkley
Genres: fiction, contemporary

A dark, witty page-turner set around a group of wealthy mothers and the young musician who takes a job singing to their babies and finds herself pulled into their glamorous lives and dangerous secrets….

After her former band shot to superstardom without her, Claire reluctantly agrees to a gig as a playgroup musician for overprivileged infants on New York’s Park Avenue. Claire is surprised to discover that she is smitten with her new employers, a welcoming clique of wellness addicts with impossibly shiny hair, who whirl from juice cleanse to overpriced miracle vitamins to spin class with limitless energy.

There is perfect hostess Whitney who is on the brink of social-media stardom and just needs to find a way to keep her perfect life from falling apart. Caustically funny, recent stay-at-home mom Amara who is struggling to embrace her new identity. And old money, veteran mom Gwen who never misses an opportunity to dole out parenting advice. But as Claire grows closer to the cool women who pay her bills, she uncovers secrets and betrayals that no amount of activated charcoal can fix.

Filled with humor and shocking twists, Happy and You Know It is a brilliant take on motherhood—exposing it as yet another way for society to pass judgment on women—while also exploring the baffling magnetism of curated social-media lives that are designed to make us feel unworthy. But, ultimately, this dazzling novel celebrates the unlikely bonds that form, and the power that can be unlocked, when a group of very different women is thrown together when each is at her most vulnerable.

Add to Goodreads

I was so lucky to receive an electronic copy of Happy & You Know It when I requested it on NetGalley! I think what really piqued my interest with this title is that it’s a “brilliant take on motherhood” and the “baffling magnetism of curated social media” that “makes us feel unworthy” – well, if that didn’t pin the tail on the donkey, I don’t know what would! Plus, the cover is covered in enamel pins and I LOOOVE enamel pins!

Wanna know something else cool? This book is being published on my BIRTHDAY! Something to look forward to, and see it as a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ of this COVID-19 madness. 😷

I hope you are all still safe and healthy out there, xo.

WHAT PRE-PUBLISHED BOOK ARE YOU EXCITED TO READ this week? What’s a book that you recently finished, and what are you reading now?

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