Saturday, December 22, 2018
bloggish / talking about rebranding and how i regret leaving all of my older posts behind
As you may know, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to blogs, or book review blogs in particular. This is like, maybe my 4th or 5th blog in the past five years, because I’ve either fallen out of blogging and have come back, or decided to rebrand.

I come from many different personas, such as Paper Town and Rosie Reads, to Rosie Writes Things and Rosie Overstreet … and now, from Love, Rosie to A Darker Shade of Rosie. All of these names span five years, and while I’m really proud of where my blogging experience has taken me, I’m sad that I haven’t kept my first posts as a blogger.

When I was sweet, young, and 23 (god that seems like forever ago), I came across someone’s book blog. I can’t even remember now whose it was. I was already pretty active on Goodreads and I’ve always been an avid reader, but when I saw this, I got super excited. Right away, I wanted my own space for writing reviews and talking to other readers, and in general a place to just rant and rave about any and everything! How COOL would that be?

I found a blogging platform, I made my own layout (and boy, do I wish I took some screenshots of those first designs, hahahaha), and I wrote some *quality content.

And since I’ve been blogging on and off for the past five years, I’ve written LOT AND LOTS of blog posts. Yet, every time I started fresh, I didn’t bring my old posts with me. Why? Well, I really don’t know. When I “start fresh”, I do it literally. And now I regret it! It would be wonderful to compare how I used to write and review with how I now write and review, but I can’t do that, and it makes me sad!

The trouble with rebranding, too, is losing or confusing your follower base. **Rebranding sucks, but it’s a part of growing and discovering who you are and what you want your blog to be about. It’s a cruel part of the creative process, I daresay.

My very first reviews from late 2013 were for The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth and Paper Towns by John Green, but now I can’t quite remember what I thought of them (I should probably be better about posting my reviews on Goodreads, as well). If I kept all of my old book review posts, I’d be in the 100s by now. I also did numerous book tags and readathons and SO. MANY. TOP TEN TUESDAYS. Plus countless other memes. My blog would be chock full of content today if I would’ve kept my past content!

From now on, if I transfer to a new site in the future (but hopefully I won’t), I’ll definitely be taking all of my old posts with me!

*LOL, quality content! Spoken with complete sarcasm!
**I’m also an indecisive human being. ~le sigh

Have you ever migrated to a new site and left all of your old posts behind, or do you back them up for a rainy day?

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