Sunday, November 4, 2018
BOOKISH / sometimes there's not enough time in the world to read your favorite genre
As I was perusing my very, very long Goodreads TBR the other week, getting rid of duplicates and some books that no longer interested me, I came across quite a few ones in the fantasy genre that I had completely forgotten about wanting to read. Some of them were shocking since I’ve been in the book-blogging world a few years now.

My TBR is over 700 books long, but from half of the Harry Potter series to the Lunar Chronicles, I just haven’t been able to read these bestseller books! (No worries about the Harry Potter though, I’ve started listening to them via audiobook this week!)

But I digress… There are so many fantasy books out there, how is a girl like me to choose which ones I read first?! Here’s a list of all the fantasy books that got put on the metaphorical back-burner, and maybe one day I will wipe the dust off of their jackets and open their pages…

Once upon a time, I tried to read The Raven Boys by listening to the audiobook, but I didn’t get too far into it. I’ve tried and re-tried audiobooks, but back then, it wasn’t working for me. I know this series is very popular, but it has taken me extra long to dive into for some reason. • I have this Alice in Wonderland-inspired story sitting on one of my many bookshelves. I’m uncertain as to why I haven’t read Splintered yet, honestly. Because, like I said, it’s inspired by AIW! • I read the Grisha trilogy, and loveloveloved it! So…what’s taking me so long to read Six of Crows since it’s also set in the amazing world of Ravka?!

I…cannot exactly tell you…what Passenger is about. But I remember so many other book bloggers raving about it that I added it onto my Goodreads TBR. I might’ve known then, but it’s been awhile since I read the description. • The Winner’s Curse, and another blurb that escapes my memory. But the lady’s dress on the cover sure is pretty. I feel like I remember someone saying this book was full of tropes? Still wanna read it, though. • It is a stupid shame that I haven’t read the series of Cinder yet. So many people talk about it and it sounds so awesome. I love the concept of a cyborg Cinderella.

An Ember in the Ashes – a book I bought nearly after it came out. And it’s gathering dustbunnies on my shelf. *sad face* • A long time ago, I read Bray’s Gemma Doyle books and really loved them. I’ve heard great things about The Diviners, too, so I’m shocked I haven’t even bought – or read – this book yet! • I’ve recently read some of Schwab’s other books, and love the way her writing is. One of my best friends read This Savage Song and I remember seeing that she really liked it, and I trust her judgement.

I remember The Girl From Everywhere is about a time-traveling girl. And…that’s about it. But still, TIME-TRAVEL! And I think someone, somewhere said there were some Doctor Who-esque things about it, so… sign me up! • I remember seeing Truthwitch everywhere a couple of years ago, and there were so many good reviews. And I have yet to read a Susan Dennard book!

Well, there you have some of my un-read TBR of the fantasy genre. Heavens no, that is most definitely not all of it, are you MAD? My fantasy booklist is ten times that size, but these are just the very popular and mainstream ones.

As long as I breathe, though, my TBR will always grow. Perhaps one day, room will be made in my busy life for these stories.

Are there any mainstream books in the fantasy genre you just haven’t been able to read yet? Which of my selection do you think are worth a read? Are there any you think I should reconsider and delete from my TBR?

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  1. Jackie says:

    I started and stopped the Raven Boys a few times, so I get that it’s kind of hard to dive in to despite being so popular. It was an audiobook that got me hooked finally. It really is a good read—enchanting, really. And the writing was so beautiful!

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