Wednesday, March 4, 2020
bookish / let's recap the month of february, and talk about what's in store for march!
Even though February had an extra day this year, it still went super quick. And I regrettably did NOT feel as productive as I was in January. It’s just something about that “first month of the year motivation” that just really gets your gears goin’, but then February is all, “Hey, woah, slow down and take it easy there, partner” and your groove just gets all kinds of messed up. Ya feel?

Darn you, February! *shakes fist*

But February was a nice month. In the first week, we stayed in a cabin with friends, and then there was Valentine’s Day. We don’t exactly celebrate, but we did get out to go to our favorite restaurant! And then we went on another date on the last day of the month. It was super fun, and I beat my boyfriend in putt-putt! 😜

Well, anyway, here’s the deets of the month.

Books I got in february

It seems to be a trend that I acquire about 3 books per month. And this month they were ALL from NetGalley. Eeek! I better get readin’ so that my stats don’t drop, eh?

The ScapegracersWhere Dreams Descend
Happy & You Know It

Books I read in february

Well, if this isn’t a sad, sad list… Ye be warned. ☠️

Muse of Nightmares
71% at start of February
272 minutes listened
To Kill a Kingdom
46% at the start of February
186 pages read
Ruthless Gods
70% at the end of February
306 pages read
An Enchantment of Ravens
88% at the end of February
465 minutes listened

Total pages: 492
Total time spent reading:
26 hours, 2 min
Total audiobook minutes:
737 minutes

✨ I listened to audiobooks more than I did last month (January’s total audiobook minutes was 682), but my reading of physical books suffered (last month I read 802 pages). I thought I could beat 1000 pages, but I was a bit overambitious. TBH, I think Ruthless Gods is putting me in a reading rut.

My reading goal for February was to read 1000 pages. Big ol’ cup of fail. ❌

✨ A goal I put forth for myself for February was to post a review a week… yeah, that didn’t happen? (I did review 3 books though, so, I was close?) Let’s try this again in March. ❌

TACKLE MY TBR CHALLENGE UPDATE: My goal is 50 books. In February, I read a total of 2 books, to bring me at a grand total of 4 books so far. The mini challenge for February was ‘a diverse read’, which I did not complete. ❌

#STARTONYOURSHELFATHON CHALLENGE UPDATE: February was a bit more successful than January. My goals are to read at least 2 books a month from my bookshelf, and at least 1 e-book/audiobook per month that I own. So in February I read a total of 1 physical book, and 1 audiobook. ❌

books reviewed in february

  • To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo ★★★★  → Review
  • Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin ★★★★★  Review
  • Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales ★★★★★  Review

posted in february


✨ Wow, I did not realize I posted that much? Last month’s post count was 9, and this month it was 13! Woo!

march tbr + goals

I almost met 3/5 of my book goals last month. Ruthless Gods has kind of been a bitch for me to get through, hahah.


I want to finish Ruthless Gods and my An Enchantment of Ravens audiobook, and then I think I’ll either pick up The Scapegracers, Happy & You Know It, or The Mall – whichever I fancy at the moment, and maybe read the small and quick comic, The Tea Dragon Society, which has just been sitting on my shelf for several months (it’ll help me catch up on my goals, too, tbh). Then I’ll squeeze in Confess somewhere?

MARCH GOAL: My goal is to read 1000 pages. I think I can do it this time?! 😬

how was your february? did you meet your goals? what books did you end up loving, and which ones were flops?

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