Thursday, October 31, 2019
ETC / what a lovely spooky season we had! check out our rad costumes and how we spent halloween this year!
Hello friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderfully spooky Halloween! My family and I are currently winding down for the night, moving forward with our usual nightly routine after running around in costume for the past few hours!

The morning started out rainy as can be, so I thought there was going to be a high chance of Beggar’s Night being rained out, and would be rescheduled. But! It all stopped around 3 PM when Rowan and I headed home from work. It was super nice getting off two hours earlier than normal, although the lack of a break had me so ready for the end of the day. Luckily (or unluckily?) I had left a full cup of coffee on my entertainment stand when I walked out this morning, and didn’t notice until I was halfway down my street. It was way too late to go back at that point. But, to my delight, the coffee was still the tiniest bit warm when I got home, all because it was in my Yeti cup! I totally drank it.

We suited up around 4:30, after I’d spent an hour attempting to play something spooky on the tv – unfortunately, my efforts proved fruitless. My mom was here by that point, ready to help us tackle the cutest taco to ever walk the earth! We layered him up, because even though the rain had stopped, it was COLD COLD COLD outside! It got between 40 and 35 degrees, and toward the halfway point, we started getting hit in the face with ice balls. 🥶

Our boy was trooper though, and just wanted to run up and down the sidewalks. He did such a good job, and never complained, and he kept his hat on! He did really well with using the ‘thank you’ sign when neighbors gave us candy, I was so proud. We only went down half the street and back, but got a good amount of goodies. Dad and I even got candy for dressing up. 😉 I loved hearing numerous passersby telling us that his costume was amazing, or that our family costume was THE best!

We stayed outside for a short time after, but then eventually went inside where there were hotdogs and hot vegetable soup waiting inside. Rowan didn’t really want to eat, he just wanted to explore, since we were at Aunt Becky’s house. 

Eventually everyone made their way inside, and we started playing music on the big bluetooth speaker, trying to get Rowan to show us his dance moves. Isaac looked very legit dancing in his Deadpool costume, making everyone laugh. We maybe left for home around 8:00 and stripped from our costumes once we passed the threshold, welcoming the warmth of our house. Once Rowan was ready for bed, I peeked through our trick-or-treat spoils and had a piece (or four) before settling down with a nice Angry Orchard beverage and coming to talk to you guys! 

All in all, it was a successful Halloween, even though it was too cold to function. But Rowan had fun, and that’s all that matters! 

We’re already trying to plan what we should dress up as next year. I was thinking Rowan could be dressed up as a mini Wolverine, to go along with Isaac’s Deadpool suit (since Isaac played an ungodly amount of money for it), but I’m not sure what I should dress up as… Jean Gray? Rogue? Mystique? 😂

How was your Halloween? Did you celebrate in any way? What are you looking forward to in November?

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