Monday, October 28, 2019
ETC / time to talk horror movies, to get us in the mood for halloween!
Happy week of Halloween! For the next four days, I’m pleased to announce that you’ll find spooky-related topics popping up all over my blog! Wee! 💀

On this first day off Halloweek, I’d like to talk about horror movies!

Horror movies have been a part of my life since a very young age. My first memory of scary movies is when I was in maybe first or second grade, and I went to a sleepover to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. We stayed up late and watched scary movies, and the two that stick out in my mind are The Dentist and Child’s Play.

The Dentist

I remember being SUPER freaked out by this movie, and I don’t think I’ve watched it since that sleepover. It definitely left an imprint on me, but luckily, it’s never traumatized me from going to the dentist!

Child’s Play

Or better known as the “Chucky” movies. For a good while, this made me have heebie-jeebies around dolls. They still kind of creep me out, but really only in movies. And fun fact: Rowan’s first Halloween costume (which was last year) was Chucky! 😂

As I got older and formed a tight bond with friends in high school who shared similar interests with me, we began to watch many, many horror movies together. I probably couldn’t name every single one that we watched, but here are some that just stick out in my mind.

The Grudge

Our first venture into horror was probably when we all went to see The Grudge together in theaters (and we were totally underage). It definitely gave me the creeps! (But oh, did I want more!)

The Blair Witch Project

If you’re in need of a good spook, then The Blair Witch Project is just the thing you’re looking for. (Although I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this at least once in their life, correct?) My friends and I watched this a few times back in high school.

The Ring

Naturally, our curiosity in horror lead us to The Ring, and thus, various inside jokes among the four of us.


And then there was the Saw series. I honestly don’t remember too much of these movies, despite us watching them all together in our teens. And I don’t even know if we reached the last movie, or if we stopped somewhere in the middle? I would definitely like to rewatch them (preferably with my old friends!) in the near future.

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn brings back fun memories I have with a certain one of my friends. And I really enjoyed making fun of the characters’ decisions with her and just overall mocking the entire story and twisting it into something funny that we could share between the two of us. 

Paranormal Activity

I love those live-cam horror movies. This is a series that my friends and I kept up with as they came to theaters, no matter how bad they got, haha! I actually watched the first one this past weekend, and forgot how mad Micah made me by antagonizing the spirit. 🙄

Resident Evil

There were many a time I found myself watching Resident Evil movies with my group of friends. Do I remember any of them? Heck no. First of all, I have the memory capacity of a cactus. Second of all, there are so many zombie/apocalypse movies out there, and I definitely cannot keep them straight!

Final Destination

Some of my favorite scary films: the Final Destination movies! I just love how Death comes back for all of those who escaped it. A very cool concept, and definitely nightmare-worthy! Although I’m a BIG fan of rollercoasters, the 3rd movie is probably by far my favorite of the franchise.

Do you have certain movies in the horror genre that you grew up with, or that stand out in your mind as pillars of your childhood? Have you seen any of these movies?

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