Friday, November 30, 2018
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Is it difficult for anyone else to fathom that we just have ONE MONTH left of 2018??? These months have been passing me by in a blur. But as I’m a month or so deep into my blog, there’s another part of me I wanted to share with you.

My blog is filled with things from my personal life, because a blog is just that: a combination of bits and pieces from its author, all conjoining to give you a taste of what that person is really about. From my different kinds of posts, and from my rant about having constant design fatigue, you can probably gather that I love anything bookish, I have a slight obsession with Harry Potter, and that I can’t stand for my blog to not look “put together”… You might also notice that I’m a mom, a teacher, and that I love taking pictures.

Here’s something else about me: I love music!

I have a Spotify account that I use daily. I can’t get through a single day without music (whether it be kids’ songs at work — because that’s what happens when you work with kids — or just a song I have stuck in my head). And, well, let me show you all the songs I got stuck in my head this month!

Do you remember Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist? Well this is mine, which I shall keep going for as long as I can! Each month, I’ll highlight the new-to-me songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. The number of songs will vary, and my musical taste is very eclectic (ye be warned!), so there’s always a chance that there’s something on here that will strike a chord within you.

This month, six songs made it onto the playlist! You can find the entire playlist here.

November 2018 Songs

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid
“Connection” – OneRepublic
“Speak In Tongues” – machineheart
“Black Magic Woman” – VCTRY
“GET UP” – Shinedown
“Rescue Me” – 30 Seconds to Mars

Last month’s favorites: Probably “Speak in Tongues” or “Rescue Me” … kind of a hard choice!

Do you love discovering new music? What new songs have you listened to this month?

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