Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Time for another installment of “what new songs did Rosie love this month?”: February Edition.

This one is a weeee bit different though, because I switched music platforms. I’m now on Apple Music, instead of Spotify. Since I switched phone brands last month (yay iPhone!) I received three months free of using Apple’s music app, and honestly… I like it better! So I will continue adding to my #infinteplaylist on Apple Music and you can access it here! (I’m also open to being your friend on there if we have similar music tastes, so add me!)

So, let me show you all the songs I got stuck in my head this month!

Each month, I’ll highlight the new-to-me songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. The number of songs will vary, and my musical taste is very eclectic (ye be warned!), so there’s always a chance that there’s something on here that will strike a chord within you.

This month, four songs made it onto the playlist! Remember, you can find the entire playlist here.

February 2019 Songs

“Say No More” – Forget Tomorrow
“Burn” – Too Close To Touch
“Silhouettes” – I Fight Fail
“Nightfall” – Modern Maps

Last month’s favorite: Probably “Silhouettes” by I Fight Fail. It’s got a super catchy vibe!

Tell me your new favorite songs from February! Leave a comment below. ???

Feeling: ?
Currently: It’s time to start the day and do the work thing! I’m already anticipating coming home and snuggling my baby in a big soft blanket and reading with a cup of warm tea on the end table next to me. ?
Reading: A Curse So Dark and Lonely – Brigid Kemmerer ?
Drinking: Coffee (as per usual this early in the AM) ☕️


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