Thursday, December 5, 2019
PLAYLIST / ranting about the music most played for november!
The month of November kicked off with a newfound love for the band of Starset! My best friend had an extra ticket to their show in town on the 1st, so I accompanied her, and fell in LOVE. I had only ever listened to their songs on the radio, which I really, really liked, but then I started exploring them more after the show, and I’ve been unable to listen to much else.

Without further decorum, this month’s playlist is dedicated solely to Dustin Bates, the lead singer of Starset AND Downplay. (AKA, the current center of my affections 😍) 

November 2019 Songs

OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE by Starset. As far as albums go, Divisions has the best array of songs on it. I had a hard time choosing which one to spotlight off of this album, but ‘Other Worlds Than These’ just rocks, and if I want a good, heavy head-banging song to jam out to in the car, this is the one I turn to.

RICOCHET by Starset. This. SONG. 😍 Not only does it have amazing lyrics, but the sound of the song just…makes me want to cry with how much I love it. 
MY DEMONS by Starset. If you’re not completely obliviously living under a rock, you may have heard this song somewhere, perhaps on a radio. This is one of their bigger hits, and it really rocks.
WHERE DID YOU GO by Downplay. So, Dustin Bates sang for a band before Starset, and they were called Downplay. I discovered Downplay a few years ago, and literally just found out this past month that they were fronted by the same singer. 😅 This video takes place at the venue that I’ve been to more than a dozen times, and the band’s home city!

Last month’s favorite: My favorite (and I know this, because my stats say I have listened to it over 120 times in the past 30 days…) is ‘Ricochet’.

If you have any interest in following my playlist through Apple Music – or want to see all of the other picks from previous months – you can find it here. I’m also on, so if you wanna be friends, find me here!

What’s on your playlist currently?

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