Wednesday, January 15, 2020
playlist / ranting about the new tunes i discovered in december!
Christmas carols aside, I found some awesome tunes that kept me (and my little dude) head-banging in the car on our commutes! (Seriously, he rocks his head back and forth, and it is the cutest. He loves music.) 🥰

Music spices up your life, whether it’s for filling the silent void on your commute to work, motivating you to go faster on that treadmill, or if you need something peaceful to help lull you into slumber… Music is there for you! I love discovering new songs to add to my gigantic iTunes library, and if I can introduce you to something new – something you connect with and instantly love – well, it makes me feel good inside. 

Here’s to hoping you find your next perfect song.

Welcome to Rosie’s infinite playlist!

December 2019 songs

HOW IT FEELS TO BE LOST by Sleeping With Sirens. 

HERE WITH ME (feat. CHVRCHES) by Marshmello.


Last month’s favorite: I can’t decide between Halsey’s sultry “Beautiful Stranger” or Sleeping With Sirens’ headbanger “How it Feels to Be Lost” – but I think I’ve played Halsey’s song more. She just has a beautiful voice.

If you have any interest in following my playlist through Apple Music – or want to see all of the other picks from previous months – you can find it here. I’m also on, so if you wanna be friends, find me here!

What’s on your playlist currently?

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