Thursday, March 5, 2020
playlist / ranting about the songs i discovered in february!
I feel like February was a pretty good month for music. I discovered some really good songs, and even a couple new bands! If there’s anything that I love more than reading, it’s listening to my favorite songs – and even better is when I discover a new song that I love.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites that I discovered last month!

FEBruary 2020 songs

YUMMY by Fame on Fire.
YES, a cover. And yes, I’ve heard the original by Justin Bieber (I’m sorry, but it’s terrible 😆). And so is this version, BUT it’s been a stupid kind of catchy that I couldn’t shake from my brain. 🤪
→ “Standing up, keep me on the rise. Lost control of myself, I’m compromised. You’re incriminated, no disguise.”

This song was in my “For You” playlist on Apple Music, and I just really liked it. The pre-chorus is my favorite part of the song. ❤️
→ “You look just like an angel, just like a fable. The way that you love me is so unreal. You look just like an angel, just like an angel, just like an angel.”

IN THE DARK by Breathe Carolina.
I never really listened to Breathe Carolina, but I noticed there was a new album and I took a listen to it. This was my favorite from all the ones I listened to. Very electronic, very catchy.
→ “I’m in the dark, in the dark. I fall apart, fall apart. I can’t take much more of chasing your ghost, in the dark, in the dark.”

Weezer is releasing a new album?! I heard this when I was working out in the gym one night, and was surprised to see it was a Weezer song. I saved it in my library and listened to it a lot in February.
“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. You got me cryin’ like when Aslan died. Now you’re gone. The melody can’t find you, I’m incomplete without you. I guess we’ve reached the end of the game.”

THE ANSWER by Fight the Fade.
Definitely my favorite of the month! I love the message of the song, and the chorus is badasssss! It makes me want to check out their other music, but I just haven’t yet.
→ “And that’s where I go, when I need to clear my mind. That’s where I go, to escape place and time.”

BREAK YOUR HEART by The Gaslight Anthem.
This is a slow song that I just really loved the sound of. It doesn’t get any deeper than that!
“And oh, my my, it would break your heart, if you knew how I loved you, if I showed you my scars. If I played you my favorite song lying here, in the dark. Oh my my, it would break your heart.”


Last month’s favorite: My favorite was “The Answer” by Fight the Fade, but I definitely had the “Yummy” cover stuck in my head for several days, and also Weezer’s newest, “The End of the Game.”

🎵 If you have any interest in following my playlist through Apple Music – or want to see all of the other picks from previous months – you can find it here. I’m also on, so if you wanna be friends, find me here!

What’s on your playlist?

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