Saturday, February 1, 2020
bookish / let's recap the month of january, and talk about what's in store for february!
I kind of fell off of the ‘recap’ track back in October… dunno why? Holidays happened? Slack-age? I could come up with a thousand and one excuses, but the point is that I’m getting myself back on that track, and tootin’ my own horn about it – chugga chugga TOOT TOOT!

January has just been SO good for some reason. And everyone around me is saying that January has felt like it’s lasted approximately 37 years, but I think it just flew by?! (Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and every month is flying by at this rate.) I’ll be 30 this year, and I’m feeling anxious about it. 😬

But why has January been so good? I started my weight loss regimen, and even though I haven’t lost much weight via the scale, I’m feeling stronger, and my “extremely tired” days are feeling fewer and further in between! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I feel like it’s also helped me feel more calm and patient at my job somehow…? I’m not dreading gym days, and I’m drinking SO much more water. My meals are healthier versions of what they used to be, and I haven’t been “snackish” like I used to be.

I also spent all Friday morning cleaning my house and FINALLY taking down my tree! πŸ˜† It felt so good to get my house back in order. And get caught up on laundry, for the most part… because let’s be honest, do we ever really get caught up?

January has also been good for my blogging and reading! (Okay, maybe not so much reading because I did only read 2 books, and a majority of two other books…) I feel like I blogged more in January than I did in December and November put together! Okay, not really, I’ve been exaggerating in this post a lot. But I still feel super accomplished in this first month of 2020! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Let’s take a look at January!

Books I got in January

Shielded and The Mall. I was really excited to get these ARCs from Netgalley. Shielded is supposed to be for fans of Sorcery of Thorns, and HELLO, that was, like, my favorite book of 2019!Β The Mall is a coming-of-age story set in the 90’s – it’s like a tribute to my childhood! Scrunchies, slap bracelets, and mixtapes, oh my!

Shielded β€’ The Mall

. I saw another blogger post about this one, and I think it’s supposed to be pretty saucy. A newly orphaned girl of a film producer goes to live with her step-uncle and his two sons in some remote woods of the mountains, and I’m in need of another new adult novel after reading A Lesson in Thorns not too long ago.


Books i read in january

The Wicked King
336 pages
The Queen of Nothing
308 pages
Muse of Nightmares
71% (682 min) at end of January
To Kill A Kingdom
46% (158 pages) at end of January

Total pages: 802
Total time spent reading:
30 hours, 12 min
Total audiobook minutes:
682 minutes

✨ My reading has improved since my last monthly recap, hahaaa. I finishedΒ the Folk of the Air series 😍 and I’m still listening to the sequel, Muse of Nightmares. And I’ll definitely finish To Kill A Kingdom by next week.

✨ My goals for January were to read at least 400 pages, and to read at least a total of 24 hours. I smashed both goals!!!

✨ I’ve been absolutely dreadful when it comes to posting reviews. A goal for February is to post one a week, at least!

✨ TACKLE MY TBR CHALLENGE UPDATE: I’ve read a total of 2 books, and my goal is 50. The mini challenge for January was ‘a book published in 2019’ – I read The Queen of Nothing for this challenge. βœ”οΈ

Posted in january

✨ I’ve really been trying to step up my blog game these past few weeks! New year, new blog, am I right? I have so many ideas for discussions and things too, so I’m excited to “put myself out there” in the blogging community a bit more and show you what I got! πŸ₯°

february tbr + goals

For February, I want to finish To Kill a Kingdom and Muse of Nightmares, and then get started on some more books from my own shelves! There’s Someone Inside Your House and Confess are two that I really want to read for this month, and my Ruthless Gods ARC needs my attention as well!

✨ As for goals, I would love to read 1,000 pages! I got over 800 in January, so I think this can be accomplished!

How did you do last month, reading-wise? what books did you read, and did you meet any of your goals? i’m a little behind as far as my yearly reading goal goes, but i think i can amp it up this month!

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