Thursday, April 2, 2020
bookish / let's recap the month of march, and talk about what's in store for april!
Let’s all just agree that March was certifiably insane, and I deeply hope April takes a turn for the better (even though all signs point otherwise, but let’s just keep that positive vibe going, okay?).

Let’s keep our heads up, guys. Life will return to normal again at some point, and we’ll never take the ordinary life for granted after this passes. At least I know I won’t.

I hope you are staying well, and staying sane.

Here’s the deets of the month of March, insanity aside.

Books I got in march

So I bought more than 3 this month! πŸ₯΄ Why do I do this to myself, heh heh heeeeeh. At the rate I’m currently reading, I’ll probably get to these new ones by summer of 2027.Β 

Nimona β€’ The Devouring Gray
Daughter of the Burning City β€’ Buy Me*
The Storm Crow β€’ House of Earth and Blood



Books I read in march

I only read one full book this month, and one full audiobook.

Ruthless Gods
70% at the start of March
126 pages read
An Enchantment of Ravens
88% at the start of March
44 minutes listened
The Mall
320 pages read
To Be Honest
400 minutes listened
The Scapegracers
44% at the end of March
175 pages read

Total pages: 621
Total time spent reading:
19 hours, 32 min
Total audiobook minutes:
444 minutes

✨ I read a little bit more, page-wise, than I did in February. And last month, Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan put me in a rut, and this month, it was The Scapegracers. πŸ˜’ I also didn’t listen to audiobooks much this month. But I did really enjoy To Be Honest!

✨ My reading goal for March was to read 1000 pages. That was also February’s goal…and now I’ve failed it two months in a row. Ack. ❌

✨ A review a week? Yep, didn’t happen. ❌

✨ TACKLE MY TBR CHALLENGE UPDATE: My goal is 50 books. In March, I read/finished a total of 4 books, to bring me at a grand total ofΒ 8 books so far. The mini challenge for March was ‘favorite genre’, which I did complete, because fantasy is a favorite genre of mine Woo, I get a checkmark!!! βœ”οΈ

✨ #STARTONYOURSHELFATHON CHALLENGE UPDATE: My goals are to read at least 2 books a month from my bookshelf, and at least 1 e-book/audiobook per month that I own. So in March I read a total of 0 physical books, and 2 audiobooks. ❌

books reviewed in march

  • N/A

posted in march

Β  Β  Β 

✨ One less post from February – not bad!

april tbr + goals

I wouldn’t say March was a total loss. I had 7 books on my TBR, and I knocked about half of them out. I want to do better in April, though. I’m going to just make myself a list of 4 books so I won’t feel so threatened by my history of failure. πŸ˜…

I hope to try and finish The Scapegracers by this time next week, and then probably start on the beast that is House of Earth and Blood. And then I want to at least read one of my eARCs, which would be Happy & You Know It. And finally, I’m really interested in Buy Me, which should be a quick enough read for me and would result in me reading over 1500 pages for the month. I got this, right??!


  • Read 1000 pages
  • And catch up on my reviews.
how was march for you, reading-wise? did you meet your goals? what books did you end up loving, and which ones were flops?

3 Responses to March Recap + Apr TBR!

  1. Kyra says:

    I only read 7 books in March. I was hoping to read more but the first half of March was super busy! I’ve been reading more now that we’re in lockdown – I’m actually hoping to read 20 books this month. It’ll be interesting to see if I reach my goal haha! XD

  2. Rachel says:

    I have *completely* abandoned monthly tbrs because they do not happen πŸ˜†… and I’m also, like, five books behind on my yearly goal πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Sometimes you just gotta focus on what you can accomplish, you know? And for me that’s just reading consistently. Good luck!

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