Friday, June 12, 2020
bloggish / a broad recap of may, including books bought, read, reviewed, and other general nonsense!
Hi friends, did you miss me while I was away? Although I’m not doing much else besides reviews (I know you haven’t seen any yet though… working on it) I still want to do some sort of recap to mark my progresses over the months. I still like to see what I’ve acquired, all of my reading stats, and having an accumulation of posts and other nice things to share with you!

(And I hope you like reading them??? Because I enjoy writing them.)

May Recap

If you’re just now joining the class, HI! My name is Rosie and I consider myself a book reader, even though I can’t manage to read more than one book every two – or so – weeks because I have a toddler and a home to clean and mouths to feed, blah blah blah. 🥴 Even under quarantine (which, for me, lasted from March 26th to May 31st) I was unable to

My face the morning of my 30th birthday. 🤣

But here’s some key points of the month!

  • I celebrated my 30th birthday! It was sad to have to spend a momentous birthday under quarantine, but the day still felt pretty special. My mom ordered me and my family to-go Mexican from our favorite local restaurant, complete with a half gallon jug of frozen margaritas! And I got to Facetime with a lot of very important friends in my life.
  • I work at a private preschool, and even though we were closed for the entirety of May, we had the opportunity to dedicate a few volunteer hours to the building’s cleanliness, making learning videos for our families, and prepping for the re-opening of our center. We also had a staff meeting the week before re-opening so we could go over all of the procedures and safe practices we had to face come June.
  • I bought an Apple Pencil, and have been obsessed with using ProCreate on my iPad. I’ve been practicing my digital art technique, and trying to find my niche.
  • While the inside of our house has become a flipping mess, we finally cleaned out the garage and attached our new front screen door! (The garage has only been needing cleaned out for 3 years, and the screen door has been sitting in the garage, waiting to be put up for about 7 of 8 months… 🙄)

bookish Acquisitions

Opium and Absinthe*

I’ve been really good about not buying more than I can read. This one popped up on Amazon First Reads though, and I’ll admit the premise sounds tantalizing, because I love me a good unreliable narrator!

Read in May

House of Earth and Blood
30% at the start of April
558 pages
Maybe This Time
Read from 23% to 48%
132 minutes listened

Total pages: 558
Total time spent reading: 17 hours, 35 min
Total audiobook minutes: 132 minutes

I read 82 more pages than I did last month! 😛 And I beat my total reading time by 2 hrs and 28 mins.

✨ Monthly reading goal? I’ve just given up on monthly reading goals, mmkay? ❌

Goal: A review per week? Yeah, nope. ❌

TACKLE MY TBR CHALLENGE UPDATE: My goal is 50 books. In May, I finished a total of 1 book and 1 audiobook. That brings me to a grand total of 11 books so far. The mini challenge for May was ‘movie/tv adaption’, which I did NOT complete. ❌

#STARTONYOURSHELFATHON CHALLENGE UPDATE: My goals are to read at least 2 books a month from my bookshelf, and at least 1 e-book/audiobook per month that I own. Did not complete. ❌

what i posted


(No reviews!)

What I listened to

If you’re interested in being friends on, find me here!

Most Played Song: It was a three-way tie! “Stay With Me”, “The Answer” and “Here’s to Us” were favorites last month, and I played each song 12 times.

Most Played Artist: It’s really not a surprise anymore that STARSET is the winner in this category. I played songs by them 19 times.

Newly Discovered Songs:

  • “Point of No Return” – STARSET
  • “Stay With Me” – Anson Seabra
  • “Do Or Die” – Art of Dying
  • “Thanks, I Hate It” – Simple Creatures
  • “Work” – Pop Evil
  • “The In-Between” – In  This Moment
Thanks for still hanging with me during this weird time. I hope you are all well and trying to find your new normal in this crazy world we’re currently living in. I hope you will keep coming back to talk books with me! During this weekend, I’ll be posting a couple of reviews, so be on the lookout. 💖

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