Thursday, February 13, 2020
ETC / i am now a proud etsy shop owner!
If you told me a year ago (or even six months ago) I’d be opening an online shop, I’d probably give you the side-eye while inching away from you to pick up a blunt and heavy object to protect me with because girl you CRAZY. Well, turns out, I guess I’m the shop-girl type now! Who would’ve thought?

It all started back in November when I discovered and embraced digital planners! Because I bought myself an iPad, and paper planners were just so last decade. The new year/decade was fast approaching, and I wanted to feel ORGANIZED and PLAN STUFF. You know, because I’m a super organized person mess and need all the help I can get!

So when I couldn’t find a digital planner that I absolutely one-hundred percent loved… I thought: “Can’t I just make my own?” So I set out devouring internet information on how digital planners were made. I basically just make my own design on Photoshop? Save it as a PDF? Hyperlink the pages through Adobe Acrobat? Awesome! (Time-consuming, definitely, but super straight-forward.)

So, I opened an etsy shop!

I got so excited about creating my own digital files, that I thought I could actually have a shot at selling them on Etsy. Therefore, let me introduce my new shop: DARKER SHADES DESIGNS!

Like I said previously, it is a time-consuming craft to create these PDF files, so I only have one item in my shop currently, but I just jumped the gun and went ahead and created my shop because I wAS SO EXCITED and wanted to put my creative feelers out there.

To all of my reading friends: if you’re looking for a READING LOG to keep track of books you’ve read (up to 100 books, and complete with a wishlist tracker and space for favorite quotes and thoughts on the book), then Darker Shades Designs has something for you!


Hopefully in the coming months I will have more to add. But why not go take a look and see if a Reading Log is something you need in your life? (Because let’s face it, you probably do!) It’s pretty and rose gold, too.

I am 100% open to constructive criticism, so fire away! If I can make it better, I will. Shower me with comments and ideas, I adore them.

Thanks for taking a peek at my new endeavor! Please check out my Etsy page and see if my current item for sale is for you! If not, a share or tweet about my blog post OR Etsy page is always so appreciated! You rock! ❤️



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