Thursday, January 31, 2019
bookish / constantly adding books to my never-ending tbr list
Wow, January has come and gone guys. One month down, eleven to go until 2020. How does THAT make you feel???

How ironic is it that the SAME AMOUNT of books were added this month (eighteen!!!!) just like in last month’s episode of “How Many Books Can Rosie Put on Her Virtual TBR Shelf!” At this rate, I’ll still have about 10,272 books on my TBR by the time I die at the ripe old age of 80, assuming I read at least thirty books per year. (I thought deeply about this, my friends.) I need to slow my roll.

On to the list.


As some of you may know from my new authors of 2018 post, Amber L. Johnson was one that I read more than once. I found this among the books for Kindle Unlimited, and hope to give it a try in the near future.

Once I saw this movie on Netflix, the book was $2.99 on Amazon, so… bought it. Gonna read it.

This book with the most gorgeous cover was on NetGalley, so I requested an ARC and got one! It’s a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Can’t wait to start it!

This book sounds super duper bad ASS! I’m anxiously awaiting a cover. I hope it’s epic, like this book’s premise.

I got this ebook for free via Amazon First Reads!

I also got this ebook for free via Amazon First Reads!

This beautiful creature came to me in this month’s OwlCrate box. (I like my copy better… the gold is silver, and the flowers are blue instead of red! ?)

I’d seen this book around Goodreads around the time it was released (October 2015), but a co-worker told me about it and I thought it sounded interesting: basically, what if Hitler won? OoOooOh~

I’ve heard great things about Christina Lauren, which is a combo of two authors. This year I’m gonna try them out, I think.

I still have yet to read Cait’s other book (I know, SHAME), but look at this amazing cover?! She pitches it with “hufflepuff autistic boys everywhere” – omG Cait, I just love you.

Here’s another box that came in a box on my doorstep! I got this one through Scribbler, and I’d never seen it before! But it’s pretty! ?

What a mystery this one seems to be… it was a cheap book on Amazon, and I said HECK IT, why not!

This one had super high ratings! I found it perusing books on Amazon, and bought it for a low price. Win! Hope it’s as good as its reviews.

I haven’t read anything by this author, but she has high reviews on her books, too. This was also a cheap buy for my Kindle!

Wow! A new anticipated read of 2019! I love retellings, and a Robin Hood/Maid Marian retelling is something I need in my life. Also, I’ve never read a Meagan Spooner book???? (I have “Hunted” sitting on my shelf…)

Okay, okay…way to captivate me with that cover. Second, girls who plot against men who hurt them? YES, PLEASE.

I need more mystery in my life, and I want this to deliver.

This cover is so fun! And an LGBT witch story? I’m so excited for this one! It comes out at the end of May this year. ✨

what books have you added into your tbr lately? have you read any of these, or any other books by the authors? chat with me in the comments below!

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