Thursday, November 22, 2018
Although I always try to keep a grateful heart year-round, there's simply something about this time of year that shoves a lot of inner warmth and joy and gratitude at you full-force! It's in the falling of the leaves, in the cold air that makes you bundle up toasty warm, and in the idea that the holidays are 
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Hi, friends! This is my FIRST EVER unboxing post! I convinced myself to take the plunge and buy one after I saw a fellow book blogger post about the different kinds of subscription boxes out there. I investigated most of them, and decided OwlCrate was probably going to be one of the best options for me. Spoiler alert: 
Saturday, November 17, 2018
The last week before Thanksgiving! The jolly season is right around the corner, and I am stoked for it. I've already seen Christmas decorations, and lights being hung on houses, and this week we even got SNOW! It's pretty normal to prematurely get snow where I live in the Midwest. Sometimes I wish I could just move to 
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