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Saturday, January 25, 2020
It's a bit late to posting, but better late than never, I always say! Everything's been a bit off over here, really, since I've been polishing up old posts to accommodate my new design. *shrug* I just like everything to look spiffy. Also my new workout routine has got a lot of other things sitting in the shadows, like 
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
I went off and had another small hibernation. I'm sorry. May was a somewhat busy month, and I fear it will only get busier with summer practically knocking at our door. You think it would slow down? Oh, no. No no no. I've been super slacky on my weekly recap posts, but today is a nice, refreshing break 
Monday, December 31, 2018
I just realized I haven't had a 'bookish' category post in 13 days! That is just unacceptable, so I'm ending the year with a BANG and talking about the books I read this year (yes, all thirteen – and a half – of them) and which ones were my favorites. It's the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR, and 
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