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Saturday, February 1, 2020
I kind of fell off of the 'recap' track back in October... dunno why? Holidays happened? Slack-age? I could come up with a thousand and one excuses, but the point is that I'm getting myself back on that track, and tootin' my own horn about it – chugga chugga TOOT TOOT! January has just been SO good for 
Friday, October 4, 2019
I feel like it's just about mandatory to begin a monthly recap post with: "OMG is it actually (insert month here) already?!?!?!?!" But, in all actuality, the rhetorical question is pretty legit. It really does happen when you get older – time really does get faster, and there really isn't enough time in a day to do anything you 
Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Another month gone? Holy cake! (Yes, I've adopted this phrase from Aurora Rising, thank you very much.) I can't believe it's September, and it's officially unofficially pumpkin spice season. ? Listen, I am ALL FOR celebrating autumn and all things pumpkin and Halloween as early as possible, because quite plainly, I want it to be fall as soon as possible. 
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