Wednesday, November 28, 2018
BLOGGISH / now that i have a design i like, i can focus more on content and reading – yay!
So yesterday I briefly mentioned spending countless hours and hours of my free time working on the design of my blog. But if you can also recall, I still wasn’t quite happy with it no matter how much HTML and CSS I knew. (And how little PHP!)

I feel like I am THE WORST with making decisions like this!

Immediately after publishing my post yesterday, my newest blog digest, I began browsing other blogs (of the bookish blog variety) that I follow. One thing led to another, and I was searching “wordPress pre-made themes” on Etsy… Deep down, I think I knew that no matter what I tried, my blog would never look the way I envisioned, and that I would need some outside help. I’ve been carrying that feeling for as long as I’ve had a blog (circa December 2013). I scrolled and scrolled through the endless pre-made themes, and then my eyes met with one that I loved beyond belief!

The rest is history. I purchased it immediately, and set to work (AGAIN) on redesigning my blog. A part of me still wishes I didn’t have to succumb to buying a layout (I don’t know why??? Pre-made layouts are fine???), but I think it’s just my personality type and wanting to be the person who does all the things and doesn’t need to ask for help. If there’s something that needs to be done (creating and designing my own blog, for example), I do it myself. And if I don’t know how, I teach myself.

The face of the matter though, is: web design is hard! I sincerely have to applaud the webheads out there that know their way around code extremely well! I’ve taught myself HTML & CSS throughout the years, and in my opinion, I think I have a semi-concrete grasp of it… But PHP? Javascript? All that other web jargon? Nope. Honestly, I just built my design off of the backs of other WordPress themes, because there’s no way in heck I could start mine from scratch. PHP still kind of scares me, tbh. Every time I try to mess with it and figure it out, I break my site. 😑

In the past, the design of my blog has been in a near-constant state of change. I’m always finding something I want to change about it, and it’s kind of maddening because I want to focus my attention on my content, or even enjoying other hobbies such as reading or watching TV shows that I like. But with this new layout (which I am just so in love with), I don’t feel that way anymore. It feels a little bit like a blessing to have found something I’m going to want to stick with for many, many months (years, even).

Now, in theory, I can dish out more content without having the blog design weighing on my mind, and I can get out into the blogoverse and discover more blogs, talk to more book nerds, and just do more things that I haven’t been doing since I began this new blog. (MAYBE EVEN START WRITING AGAIN!)

Do you struggle with design indecisiveness?

2 Responses to A Talk About Blog Design

  1. lissa says:

    I’m exactly like you, I want my blog to look a certain way but every time I find something I like and then turn my blog into that particular design, somehow, I still want to change it. I haven’t found that one template/design that I want to use for a long time so I’m always changing my blog. but to me, that is part of my blogging process, if I don’t change my template a little now and then, I think, I’m stuck in some way so change is good, sometimes.

    have a lovely day.

    • I felt like changing my design was always a part of the process, too! But after becoming a mom, my time is even more limited, and I wanted to make sure my valuable time was spent creating content and having time to read the books that I want to review. ?

      I hope you are able to find that one perfect design one day!

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