Tuesday, March 17, 2020
bookish / top ten tuesday, where i talk about my top contenders that i'm going to read during the spring quarantine
Happy Tuesday—err, as happy as we can get, right? Real life is seriously bumming me out right now, and to maintain any semblance of normalcy, I’m trying to blog as if the world isn’t going to spontaneously stop spinning on its axis.

The past two days at work have been weird. As you may know (or if you didn’t and are new here, hi, welcome to Rosie’s end-of-the-world book party!) I work at a daycare/preschool, and we have had low numbers in every classroom since the governor has advised parents to take their kids out of daycares if at all possible. In my classroom that can hold 8-9 babies…we had two–and one of them was a staff kiddo.

And with daycares inevitably closing in the near future, my main concern is how I’m going to get along without socializing my child on a daily basis. And who knows how long this self-quarantine could last? 2 weeks? A month? The hardest part will be trying to get Rowan to understand, since he’s not even 2 yet. Needless to say, it’s feeling a bit cataclysmic, and I’m not in a chipper mood about it. 😓

But anyway! What was I talking about before? Normalcy? What exactly is that? Oh yeah, me talking about books and how much I’m going to read with all this “fReE tImE” I’m going to possibly have over the next several weeks. This week’s Top Ten prompt is books on my Spring TBR, which I’ve fondly renamed “My Quarantine TBR” because I’m absolutely hysterical. Laugh with me.

My Spring Quarantine TBR

Where Dreams DescendHappy & You Know It

These two books were granted to me by the publishing gods of Berkley and Wednesday Books (thank you guys infinitely!) when I requested them on Netgalley. I’m enormously excited for the both of these.

The Devouring GrayThe Storm CrowDaughter of the Burning City

Last week, I bought FOUR NEW BOOKS, and it was blessing in disguise to buy new books that I didn’t need to buy during this pandemic. These are all the books I meant to read in 2018 and 2019, but… you know… it didn’t happen. 😬

Aurora BurningCrescent City: House of Earth and Blood

I’ve also had these babies on pre-order. Obvs, Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood has been in my claws for a couple weeks now, but Aurora Burning will be delivered into my clutches the first week of May! Of course, that’s assuming the whole country isn’t still shut down. 😑 I am so super pumped for this sequel, and I’ve even managed to get one of my best friends into this book and is eagerly anticipating the sequel as well.

The BeautifulNinth HouseConfess

Some “oldies” that have been neglected–and I use “oldies” tremendously lightly because The Beautiful and Ninth House haven’t even been out that long. But Confess, however, has been sitting on my shelf for literal eons. It’s time to fix that!

what books do you plan on devouring during all this free time we now collectively have? i’m going to try to spend the new time i have reading rather than binge-watching tv shows and low-key freaking out.

I’m linking up my post to Top Ten Tuesday!


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