Tuesday, March 31, 2020
bookish / top ten tuesday, where i make predictions on what upcoming books i read will be rated 5 stars!
Oh look, we’re back with another round of “Can Rosie predict 5-star reads for the next 3 months?” (She sure didn’t do too good of a job with this last quarter… oops) But hey, this is all in good fun and I won’t beat myself up over only reading… 8 books? Yeesh, oh my, nevermind, I’m going to beat myself up just a little. 🥴

I want to start this out with going over my predictions from last quarter, and seeing how successful I was at predicting 5-star reads… heh-heh, this won’t be good.

Last Quarter Update

    – This ended up only being a 4-star read for me.
    – Aaand this was a 3-star read.
    – Still on my TBR.
  • CONFESS ⛔️
    – Still on my TBR.
    – Still on my TBR.
    – Still on my TBR.
    – Still on my TBR.
    – Still on my TBR.
  • HUNTED ⛔️
    – Still on my TBR.
    – Still on my TBR.

😬 Ouch, that stings. (Yep, I’m over here beating myself up emotionally.)

My 5-Star Predictions for April through June

Happy & You Know IT 😄

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? There’s just something about this that makes me believe it’ll be a 5-star read? I mean, I feel like it’s got a lot going for it, so cross your fingers. (Goodreads)

Confess 🎨

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? Putting this down again in an attempt to read this quarter, and hopefully I will get to it this time. A Colleen Hoover book has yet to fail me, so I have high hopes for this, guys. (Goodreads)

house of earth and blood 🌙

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? Another attempt to read this great, hulking book. I’m actually on the verge of starting it this week if The Scapegracers doesn’t pick up my interest. And why read it? Because it’s a Sarah J. Maas book, silly. (Goodreads)

the devouring gray 🐾

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? This book was recommended for fans of Stranger Things, and I hadn’t stopped thinking about that. I loved the tv show – and can’t wait for the next season – and until that happens, I want to see just how comparable the book is. (Goodreads)

the beautiful 🧛🏻‍♂️

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? I’m re-adding this one to this quarter’s reads – let’s hope I can get to it this time, yeah? (Goodreads)

hold back the tide 🔪

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? After investigating this book in yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to bump this up on my Books-I-Need-to-Read-ASAP list. I’m reading for a good horror/thriller book. (Goodreads)

aurora burning 🚀

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? Ok, I read Aurora Rising TWICE last year, and it will break my itty bitty heart if I don’t absolutely love this sequel. (Goodreads)

Where dreams descend 🎟

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? I was so lucky to acquire a copy via NetGalley, and can hardly contain my excitement for magicians, danger and darkness – three things that just SQUEAL 5 stars! (Goodreads)

the best laid plans 🍕

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? My friend Jes read this one and seemed to REALLY enjoy it, so I’m going to use that as an indicator that this will be a good romantic contemp to read this quarter! (Goodreads)

Havenfall ✨

Why do I think it’ll be 5 stars? Once again, after reading multiple reviews of this one, I’m eager to own it and read it! I’m tempted to impulse buy it right this instant! 😅 (Goodreads)


do you have any books you anticipate rating 5 stars? share with me your 5-star predictions!

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