Sunday, December 1, 2019
PLAYLIST / a monthly rundown of what i've been watching on tv!
Hey December, so glad you’re here, but let me just back-track… Christmas is upon us, but I started watching Hallmark Christmas movies back in mid-November (when I could watch them, that is – my son takes up the television with his Little Baby Bum most of the day 😅).

I wouldn’t call myself a movie connoisseur, but I enjoy a good film every now and then. Let me tell you what I watched all through the month of November!


12 GIFTS OF CHRISTMAS – My Christmas movie of the season! I thought this one was very cute. It’s about a struggling artist who decides to put her thoughtful gift-giving talent to use, and she puts an ad out for personal shopping. A overworking businessman needs help getting gifts for the Christmas season, and sees her business card. 

WRITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS – This one was confusing at first, because there are multiple characters and different scenes, but when you realize they all tie together as people that Jess writes her Christmas letters to, it makes os much more sense. I really loved that Jess was a cello player (I’m a sucker for cello music!) and I loved the fact that Luke volunteered at a group home, one that he grew up in himself. This movie shows the power of a well-thought Christmas card. 

HATS OFF TO CHRISTMAS! – This was another cute Christmas movie about a widow who has to train the boss’s son for the position she really wanted in a company she had been at for 10 years. Kinda lame for her, but as it turns out, he fits the role really well, and he turns out to be a big role model for her disabled son.

CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY MANOR – An event planner is sent to small town to host the annual Christmas bash, but the place she wants to use as the venue is being sold, and the owner is being a scrooge. But she persuades the reluctant owner to let her use it, and as they work together to make the event a success, they begin to fall for each other. I really enjoyed both of these characters, especially Elizabeth for her perky, go-getter attitude!

CHRISTMAS UNDER THE STARS – I’ll admit, this one was mostly background noise and I didn’t 100% pay attention to it, but even though Jesse Metcalfe is nice to look at, the story didn’t hold my attention, obviously. 

MERRY & BRIGHT – This one was pretty cute, too. A woman who becomes the owner of a candy cane company in the candy cane capital of the world is struggling to make ends meet with her business, and a corporate recovery consultant tries to help her make some adjustments. And – you got it! – they fall for each other! I have a soft spot for Jodie Sweetin, though.

Soooooo, if it’s not obvious, I got Disney+ 😅 I went on a watching spree, as you can plainly see. These are all re-watches for me!




RICK AND MORTY S4E1. Yay Rick and Morty is back!!! This series is pure ridiculousness and I enjoy it so much, even if I don’t understand what is happening a majority of the time.

LIFE ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM. My boyfriend started watching this one day, so I just automatically tuned in. It was the first episode about shoes that I watched. It was mildly captivating, because Jeff Goldblum is awesome, but who knows if I’ll continue?

MARVEL’S HERO PROJECT. Another series my boyfriend started that I just decided to join in on one day. We’re huge fans of Marvel movies, so we just gave it a shot. We watched the first episode of the girl who was born without a hand. This show gave me a very warm feeling in my heart. I almost cried.

THE MANDALORIAN. Hey, I gave in. I had to see what all the hype was. No regrets!!! It turns out I’m really into this show! In the early stages of our relationship, Isaac got me to watch the first 3 movies (I have not seen the prequels yet) and then subsequently, every new Star Wars movie that has come out in the past few years. And he dropped not-so-subtle hints that I HAD to watch it. I was hesitant, because even though I liked the movies, I wasn’t a die-hard. But BABY YODA-THAT’S-NOT-ACTUALLY-YODA! 😙 Also, I’m digging the Mando’s secretive fortitude. I can’t wait to see if he takes off his mask. This is a show I will be keeping up with every week!

What new movies or shows have you watched recently? Have you given in to watch The Mandalorian?

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