Monday, March 2, 2020
playlist / a monthly list of all the things i've been watching, from tv shows to movies to youtube vids!
So not only do I read, but I also watch quite a bit of tv in any given month. In February, I didn’t watch that much, but enough to make me fail all of my reading goals that I had planned. 😂 Check out what I recently watched on the small screen!

Disney+ was still an amazing asset this month. We use it every single day, no joke. And most of the time, I will just watch little snips and moments of movies while I do my own thing (usually blogging or blog hopping) but every now and then I’ll sit and watch pretty much the whole thing with Rowan. (He usually watches in 20 minute increments, and then goes about playing, haha.)

In February, I watched 6 movies and 3 TV shows. Take a look! 👇🏻


  • A BUG’S LIFE – It’d been awhile since I saw this one, so I actually sat down and watched it with Rowan one day.
  • MOANA – Gosh, I just really love Moana. I always get so emotional at the last fight scene when Moana goes face to face with Te Kā!
  • TOY STORY 3 – I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I’ve stayed spoiler-free for Toy Story 3 for almost 10 years… and I finally watched it last month for the first time. And holy crap that ending was sad! (Literally everyone told me it was, and not a single one of those people lied.)
  • TOY STORY 4 – So obviously, since I hadn’t seen #3, it was also my first time watching the 4th movie! It was pretty cute. I like how Gabby didn’t stay an ‘evil villain’ like Lotso and Stinky Pete did. Also, did Bo Peep get a face lift? She looks so different.
  • TANGLED – I used to watch this movie so much, and decided to re-visit it and use the excuse that Rowan hadn’t seen it before. 😅
  • FINDING DORY – Rowan really loves these movies, so we watched this one a lot this past month.


  • SHAMELESS – We finished season one, and are three episodes deep into season 2 – Isaac keeps falling asleep while we watch these episodes, so they are taking forever to get through! (Maybe he should listen to me when I say 10:30 is too late to start a 50+ minute episode on a weekday… 🙄 But what the hell do I know, right?)
  • YOU – This one is also slow going, but I’m only 3 episodes into season 2.
  • THE STRANGER – I binged this show SO HARD. But it’s not like I could take it slow, guys. Each episode left me with so many more questions than answers and I just had to binge it in two straight days. If you like mysteries, I suggest you watch this one! (Also, British accents!)


Laura Clery is my new favorite YouTuber to watch. Everything is obnoxiously funny, and this one made me giggle non-stop – probably because I work with babies and can totally relate.
Another funny video by Laura and Steven … trying to work out. Enjoy these highly amusing faces of Laura. 🤣
What shows or movies have you been watching lately? Have you watched The Stranger yet? What was your impression of Toy Story 4?

4 Responses to February’s Watch List

  1. I watched Moana again back in January and loved it so much. It’s amazing.

    I watched Toy Story 4 not that long ago, and I’ve gotta be honest… I hated it. It was just so different and I didn’t like hardly anything about it. I love the first and second ones and that’s it. I’ll pretend 3 and 4 don’t exist, haha.

    I binge watched The Stranger as well even though it was so annoying! I had a running commentary about all the ridiculous things that were going on, haha. But it filled in the time so that was good!

    • We watch Moana at LEAST once a week now. 🤣 But I always find myself paying attention to it. The first Toy Story will always be my favorite… but I think I like 3 more than 2 or 4. My order would be 1, 3, 2 then 4, hahah. I just couldn’t stop watching The Stranger?! I had to know how it ended. I need another show like that for me to binge. 😳😆

  2. Louise says:

    I love Toy Story 4! I do think that the end is a little too bittersweet but it does make for a perfect ending. Until Disney decides to make a fifth one, haha. And I noticed that Bo Peep looks different too. Maybe it’s because the CGI technology has improved so much since the first one but she looks more like a Barbie doll now than she did before, which is a little weird because she’s not a doll she’s a ceramic ornament.

    • I kind of hope the whole Toy Story franchise has come to an end… I hate when they keep trying to add on and add on and add on. 🙄 They probably should’ve stopped with 3, lol. Yeah, she did look more like a Barbie – what the hell?! 🤪

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