Friday, April 3, 2020
playlist / a monthly list of all the things i've been watching, from tv shows to movies to youtube vids!
Hey there, little darklings! It’s time for a tv/movie recap! And I’ve reached a conclusion… For the sake of my sanity, and everyone else’s, I’m excluding the million episodes I’ve seen of Sesame Street, the dozen of so times I’ve watched every single Toy Story and Finding Nemo/Dory movie, and multiple other movies that can be found on. Disney+.

My son Rowan frequently watches Sesame Street – which has been such a great thing for him to watch during this whole ‘learning from home’ ordeal, because he’s really started counting his numbers excellently – and Disney+, where his favorites include Toy Story 1-4, Finding Nemo/Dory, and Moana.

In March, I watched 3 movies and 4 TV shows. Take a look! 👇🏻


  • WALL-E – This wasn’t exactly a new movie for me (even though it was for Rowan), but I actually sat and watched this one with him because it’d been such a long time since I’d seen it. (We watched it a total of 3 times throughout the course of March.)
  • FROZEN 2 – WOW. I hadn’t seen this one in theaters, so I was stoked that Disney+ was releasing it early because of the coronavirus. I absolutely LOVED it, and I’m pretty sure we’ve watched it more than I can count on one hand. And I can’t explain why, but I get so emotional at certain parts – when their mom sings them that song in the beginning, when Elsa goes to Ahtohallan, and the end. 😭 I can easily say I love this one more than the first!
  • P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU – YESSSS, this sequel! It’s about time I watched it. I won’t go into too much detail in case you haven’t seen it, but oh Peter Kavinsky, you have my heart. 🥰


  • YOU – I only watched a couple episodes in March. (But I’ve been sucked back in and I’m working my way through the rest of season 2 this month now!)
  • SHAMELESS – I’m so addicted to this show and all the mayhem that ensues. I wish I could binge it, but I watch it with my boyfriend and we only get to watch (maybe) an episode per night. 🙄
  • SCHITT’S CREEK – I started watching this again when I was on the treadmill or elliptical at the beginning of the month, but when the gyms closed, I just started watching it on my couch while simultaneously playing Animal Crossing. 🤣
  • DOLLFACE – I watched the first (and only) season of this new Kat Dennings’ show, and it was great! She wasn’t as witty or sarcastic as she was in 2 Broke Girls, but I still loved her. It also starred Brenda Song and Shay Mitchell, and they made a fantastic trio on the screen. I love how this focused on girl friendships, and how even if they can be messy, they’re still totally worth it and NEEDED!

No, I have not succumbed to watching Tiger King yet… but I’ll admit I’m pretty close because I’m just curious. 😂


A non-spoilery vlog review of Sarah J. Maas’s new series starter, House of Earth and Blood! I was looking for all the right reasons to start reading this one right away. A funny Disney parody about princesses and their perceived “disorders” – I had a good chuckle!
My boyfriend made me watch this… pretty funny! Lion King…on a budget. 😆 This guy on YouTube goes by the name GnuS Cello, and he does a whole bunch of covers. (And a lot of them are songs I like!)
Last but not least…if you love Studio Ghibli movies, here’s a 2-hour video consisting of piano music! It’s so relaxing, and I’ve even fallen asleep to it a couple of times this past month.  
What shows or movies have you been watching lately?

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